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WWE Raw preview (September 22, 2014): They changed the questions

What you need to know

Brock Lesnar is still the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  John Cena still never gives up.  The rest of the WWE scene is...pretty interesting.

It looked like a repeat of SummerSlam, but hustle, loyalty and respect had the champ on the verge of tapping to history's weakest looking STF.  Then along came Mr. Money in the Bank.  The traitor Seth Rollins cleaned Cena's clock with his briefcase, hit a still woozy Lesnar with a Curb Stomp, and went to execute his title shot contract.  But John made a comeback, and thwarted the attempt (albeit before the bell sounded to officially start the match).  While he may have gotten a measure of revenge on Rollins, Brock came to and got some of his own - hitting a F5 to stand tall and keep his belt, even in defeat.

The former Shield-man had a pretty excited night, even before the main event.  After gloating over a second pay-per-view against a former teammate that he had nothing to do with, Rollins issued an open challenge to the locker room.  No one from backstage took him up on the offer, but a guy in a Nashville cab did - and Dean Ambrose proceeded to beat Seth, and anyone else The Authority sent at him, around the arena until the zip ties went around his wrists.

His fellow Authority-guy, Randy Orton, picked up a nice win over Chris Jericho.  Probably can say goodbye to old Y2J for now.  He was spared the head kick right off he'd been given a few years back, but with a book coming out and records to sell, even the most deliberately set-up "surprise" RKO ever will be enough to write him off - and free the Viper up to maybe help Seth out with the laundry list of guys who want to kick his butt.

On the championship front of Night of Champions, a couple of title switched hands...back to the hands that held them heading into SummerSlam.  Dolph Ziggler bared it all, but was left feeling a little exposed, as a handful of tights saw the Intercontinental title go back to The Miz.  There was no wardrobe malfunction in the DIvas title tilt, but AJ Lee did make Paige tap - and thereby give her back the butterfly belt - after a solid showing by Nikki Bella and the two frenemies (with benefits?).

United States champion Sheamus, and Irishman, and his challenger, Cesaro, a Swiss, represented America better than Mark Henry.  The former Olympic power lifter sold his beef with Rusev better than he did the back injury that kayfabe caused him to tap out to the Russian hero's Accolade submission hold.  The Celtic Warrior and the King of Wrestling did things to each other that would make most people tap, regardless of nationality.  But in the end, Sheamus was able to land the last blow and walk out with the red, white and blue belt.

The tag titles, on the other hand, are on their way to outer space...or wherever Dusty Rhodes' strange sons go when they're not wrestling or working at a chalkboard backstage.  The Dusts (Gold & Star, that is) finally knocked the Usos from their perch, capturing the cosmic key that has driven them to less than honorable actions in recent weeks.

What to look out for

Pretty much who the next challengers will be for the belts won or defended at last night's show.  We should get at least indications, if not outright answers, for each when Raw comes our way from Memphis, Tennessee tonight!

Last night's pre-show sure seemed to be positioning Big Show as a WWE title contender, carefully ommitting how thoroughly Lesnar dismantled him in January.  Cena would seem to be out of rematch clauses, and Triple H probably won't be anxious to give him more.  Will they give him Rollins instead?  The Architect may have gone into business for himself when he tried to cash-in on Brock.  If he's displeased his masters, either Cena or the Beast Incarnate may be next on his plate.

Where would that leave Dean Ambrose, though?  The Lunatic Fringe made it clear that he's not done with his former partner.  But maybe he has more pressing issues with others in The Authority, up to and including filling in for the recuperating Reigns.

Will Dolph Ziggler and Paige just resume chasing the belts they won just last month?  Are their any babyface tag teams for the Dusts to feud with other than the men they just defeated?  Has the U.S. title become the fighting man's strap?

Tune in to USA Network at 8PM Eastern to see if we find out!

What they should do

I'm actually so intrigued by their kitchen sink booking of last night's main event, I don't even know how I'd go.  They given almost every person who is even on the periphary of the title scene a legitimate issue with everyone else.  For tonight. at least, I'm content to watch it all play out.

What we're afraid they will do

As long as the don't feed Rollins or Rusev to Cena.  Both deserve better than Ryback and Bray Wyatt before them.  Let's hope that they get a chance to establish themselves away from the biggest Superstar of the last decade - at least until after WrestleMania 31.

Will we get any answers to the questions raised last night in Nashville?  If we do, will we like them?

Talk it out - before, during and after the show - with your fellow Cagesiders, right here at cSs!

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