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WWE Night of Champions 2014 results: Sheamus pins Cesaro, retains US title

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Well, that went about the way it was supposed to, right?

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Straight from the outset, the tone for a physical match between Sheamus and Cesaro was set when JBL started pushing it on commentary ahead of pretty much everything else. That was fine, too, because that's what they were promising to deliver in their U.S. title showdown at tonight's Night of Champions pay-per-view at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee.

That's exactly what they did.

And STILL United States champion.

The story of the match was Cesaro throwing everything and the kitchen sink at Sheamus and it still not being enough to win the match. Sheamus ate all of Cesaro's signature spots, then powered through with a few of his own.

The Brogue Kick, naturally, is what ended it. This was, in many ways, a forgotten feud between two lower mid-card workers who could have a good match together. To that end, it delivered the goods in the way it was supposed to.

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