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WWE Night of Champions 2014 match card preview: Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho


Randy Orton. St. Louis, Missouri, 6'5", 235 lbs., 12-time world champion and youngest world champion in WWE history. Legend killer, viper, apex predator, face of the WWE, Authority patsy. Goes to the papers if he has to.

Chris Jericho. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (now residing in Tampa, because that's where all the wrestlers live these days). 6'0", 227 lbs. 6-time world champion (and the real first undisputed champion in WWE history), 9-time Intercontinental champion (and the real greatest Intercontinental champion of all time-sorry, Honky Tonk Man). Rock star, podcaster, actor, game show host, inventor of all things, including Canada and the Internet.


Not gonna lie. I'm not sure why they're fighting.


Bragging rights. And not much else. Not that that's a bad thing.


These two certain WWE Hall of Famers-to-be have quite a bit of history. Between the two of them, Orton and Jericho combine for about four dozen titles.

Orton was Jericho's first rivalry when he first returned to the WWE in 2007 as the guy that would "save us all". Jericho defeated Orton (albeit by disqualification) back at Armageddon 2007. The two crossed paths around this time four years ago, ending with Orton career-ending Jericho with a punt. They were on their way to a collision again in 2012, but in separate instances, both Orton (scary, scary drugs) and Jericho (desecrating a Brazilian flag--in Brazil--a jailable offense) got suspended. Now they finally look to settle some unsettled business. Or something like that.

But this... THIS... is what sets up this match for Night of Champions.

Maybe it's one Cagesider's opinion, but I would like a little more meat in my feuds. This probably doesn't serve much more than to get two major names on a minor PPV. Whatever works, right?


Well, let's see. Chris Jericho's latest WWE run ends month in Nashville. He said so himself. Night of Champions is in... oh look, it's in Nashville. Wrestling Logic 101 states if you're leaving, you go out on your back looking at the lights. And since Y2J is leaving, he ain't winning. Something to keep an eye on though: Christian returns Sunday and hosts "The Peep Show" and his guest: Y2J. If the talking segment gets a little contentious, look for Captain Charisma to have a say in the outcome.


Randy Orton, legend killer, via RKO.

Agree? Disagree? Other? Do you even care? Cagesiders, what say you?

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