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Disco Inferno's Cageside Evaluation

What you loved:

  1. Comedic Heel - A tricky gimmick to pull off consistently, but many of you spoke of how enjoyable he was week in and out.
  2. Committed - This gimmick could have just died like so many before, but focusing on the details (dancing, clothes, hair, etc) allowed for Disco Inferno to live on.
  3. Worker - He was solid in the ring and his "Chart Buster" finisher may look familiar to you.
  4. nWo Journey - Many of you enjoyed his adventures - usually getting beat up - of joining the Red and Black.
  5. Tag Team - Whether it was The Dancing Fools or The Boogie Knights, Disco Inferno found some funny dance partners in Alex Wright and Tokyo Magnum.

Best comment comes via billytaylor:

"The Disco Inferno was a gimmick that you would think would’ve been relegated to Saturday Night, Worldwide and at most jobbing out on Nitro. But Glenn Gilbertti really took it to another level. The look, the wacky outfits, the pompadour and the deluded interviews, it was perfect. Disco was one of those role players that really helped make WCW in the mid-1990s – an entertaining, over character who could be counted on to put on decent matches and get good reactions from crowds. It was a great contrast with the dire and increasingly trite NWO storylines. His tag team with Alex Wright (and for a minute, Magnum Tokyo) was fun. Hijacking Konnan’s music video (which WCW annoying played on every single show) was hilarious and a classic moment. He did surprisingly well when chasing after the Cruiserweight Title. And that music! It always brought a smile to my face. In an industry where everyone is looking for the next home run, Disco was content with hitting a consistent bloop single."


What you loathed:

  1. nWo Member - Once he actually became a member, it just wasn't right (just like Sting joining!). Everyone in WCW was in the group at some point, so why not Disco? Well for one, he didn't rock those leopard pants anymore...
  2. Ceiling - Disco did capture a few titles, but mid-card was the highest he would ever go.
  3. Too Silly - He was at Santino levels with this gimmick and at times it wore thin.
  4. Typecast - It's tough to re-package a guy when he dresses like this each week.

Best comment comes via DFreshMMA:

"He made it to the Wolfpac. Similar to Hornswoggle becoming a "DX member", Disco with the Red and Black just felt wrong. The journey was cool, but when he was actually made a member, yeah….no."

On to the poll! With 151 votes, Disco Inferno's average score is 3

Thanks, Cagesiders! Tomorrow's pick was red and black for life.

Until then!

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