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'New Nation' update: Xavier Woods dismisses the name, Big E's got jokes about it

Despite their either being no time or direction for the group on WWE television, the idea of a stable lead by Xavier Woods and featuring former Intercontinental champions Big E and Kofi Kingston just won't go away.

While Kofi and E have been jobbing in singles' matches on Raw and Smackdown, the trio have still been doing things as a unit on the house show circuit, as evidenced by this Instagram sent out by Woods a couple of weeks back:

Many in the internet wrestling community cling to the idea that the three man comprise a new Nation of Domination, either out of a sense of nostalgia for Ron Simmons and Dwayne Johnson's old gimmick or just as a shorthand way to refer to a group that WWE hasn't identified any other way.  Xavier, however, is dismissive of the idea (or he's a big fan of my opinion pieces):

The man formerly known as Mr. Langston, of course, fired back with a clever joke:

Will we ever see this stable together again on television?  What will their gimmick be if that happens?

Stay tuned, and let us know what you think, Cagesiders!

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