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AJ Styles' Cageside Evaluation

Ribbon Salminen via Wikimedia Commons

What you loved:

  1. In-Ring - In his prime, many of you felt he was the best in-ring performer in the world. With an innovative moveset, he had the rare ability to work with anyone on the roster.
  2. TNA - He was the foundation of the company, pioneer of the X-Division, and a 2-time Grand Slam TNA Champion. To put it plainly, he was TNA.
  3. NJPW - There has been life after TNA for AJ, becoming the current IWGP Champion and member of the popular Bullet Club.
  4. WWE-less - Currently, the greatest wrestler to never sign with the WWE. It's probably for the best as we all know how WWE tends to treat "non-WWE" guys.
  5. Daniels/Samoa Joe Match - At Unbreakable (2005) it was considered one of the greatest TNA matches ever, receiving a rare 5-star rating.

Best comment comes via illcosby:

"I don’t even know if I’m a fan, but I developed a greater appreciation seeing him live at ROH a couple weeks ago. If Shawn Michaels can put on a five star match with a broomstick, I’d expect 4.5 stars out of Styles/Broomstick, at the minimum. The guy is spellbinding in-ring…very creative move set, MDK finishers, doesn’t botch or otherwise mess up nearly as much as he should (aside from Styles Clash and the move being taken incorrectly…that can be nasty when it’s missed), accessibility (appears to love the fans), can do both heel and face decently. Didn’t go to WWE and doesn’t appear to regret how his career turned out."


What you loathed:

  1. Mic - By far the most loathed item of the day. It's the reason why many of you rated him a  4/4.5 and not a 5. His ability to cut a lengthy promo has always been a limitation for AJ.
  2. Storyline - TNA did their best to put him in some downright awful gimmicks and stories. Claire Lynch or "New Nature Boy" anyone?
  3. TNA Ending - For everything he did, the way their relationship was a shame. He should have been their Cena until the company went under or he retired.
  4. Heel - Some guys are meant to be faces, AJ is one of them. His awkward heel transitions usually required more talking, which wasn't a good thing.
  5. Styles Clash - For all the amazing moves he can do, some of you felt this one as a finisher lacks in the "WOW" department. Not to mention when it's botched (by the seller), guys get hurt bad.

Best comment comes via lodi85:

"AJ Styles was the third biggest fish in a small pond. Granted the guy can wrestle phenomenally, but if he's a North American wrestler who has never been and is never going to WWE, hes not worth much in my eyes. AJ is a great worker, in fact he might be one of the best, but he's just awful on the mic, has all the charisma of a dead fish and for some strange reason decided to get one of the worst tattoos of all time. I've seen people calling him a B+ player, maybe a C would be more appropriate."

On to the poll! With 338 votes, AJ Styles' average vote is 4.3.

Thanks, Cagesiders! Tomorrow's pick had a bit of a mean streak.

Until then!

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