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WWE NXT's Sami Zayn, Adrian Neville and Tyler Breeze are booked for next several weeks of Raw and Smackdown shows

This past Monday night on Raw, NXT stars Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn, Tyler Breeze and Tyson Kidd were given five minutes to show the larger WWE Universe what they can do.  As thrilled as followers of the streaming exclusive brand were to see some of their favorites get a moment in the spotlight, we figured it was only a moment to promote Thursday night's live event, Takeover: Fatal 4Way.

Not so fast.

Mike Johnson at has an exclusive confirmation that NXT champ Neville, along with Breeze and Zayn, are scheduled to appear at several televised WWE events over the next couple of weeks.  The trio will definitely be at next week's Raw and Smackdown shows in Lousiana, and Johnson says his sources state that they will be on hand for those programs shows for "the next several weeks".

The report does not specify whether the three men will be on television, either as a move to the main roster or as continued cross-promotion of NXT on WWE's main shows.  If they are given time on TV during a 'go home' week for the Night of Champions pay-per-view (PPV), it would certainly be a big investment on the company's part.  Could it even mean that they might even get time at the Sunday, September 21st event, perhaps as part of a the free Kickoff show?

It could also simply be another phase of their development to have them on-hand for television, or to work other WWE Network-exclusive shows like Main Event and Superstars that film around Raw and Smackdown.  Neville and Zayn have travelled with the main roster for international and domestic house shows, so maybe this is meant to get them more exposure to the next level.

On his Thursday conference call, Triple H responded to questions from Johnson on this very topic, saying that WWE is always looking to promote products across all of their platforms, and that they were willing to use on NXT talent on Raw to do that.  But he also cautioned that he was leery of having a regular "NXT on Raw" segment, as it would take away some of what makes the Thursday night show special.

What do you think the NXT Champ and two of his challengers will be doing on WWE television over the next couple of weeks?  Is it a good idea to feature them there regularly if they haven't been "called up"?

Let us know, and stay tuned for any new details about either brand's plans!

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