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Adam Pearce shares a great story about Sean O'Haire

A lot of fans and wrestling industry professionals are processing the loss of another pro wrestler at a young age following the news that Sean O'Haire has passed at 43 years old.

While reactions trickle in and we wait for any news or official word on the circumstances of his death, this story from former NWA champ Adam Pearce, shared via his Facebook page, is pretty awesome:

In 1999, I was in Atlanta, Georgia for my first tryout with WCW. What no one knew was that I went into it with a decimated left shoulder (I had partial reconstructive surgery the following year, which explains the big scar that I wear to this day). I really shouldn't have even been there with the injury.

As part of my evaluation, I was tasked by Paul Orndorff and company with wrestling opposite Sean O'Haire in an amateur-style match. As we were set to begin, I secretly said to him, "Please watch my left shoulder, it's gone."

With everyone watching, he didn't say a word. He simply looked me in the eye, and nodded a subtle "yes" in response.

We had our "match", which I put in quotes because at any point he could've yanked on my arm and exposed me, which would've showed everyone that I was hurt. If he chose to he could've easily embarrassed me physically. He didn't.

Instead, he worked with me. He took care of me, never touching my left arm, and really served to help me look better than I should have. And even though I ended up not signing WCW's contract, I have never ever forgotten what he did.

Godspeed, Sean O'Haire. Thank you again, and rest in peace.

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