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Perry Saturn's Cageside Evaluation

What you loved:

  1. The Eliminators - Alongside John Kronus, they won the ECW Tag Team Championship three times. They were crowd favorites, finishing off opponent with the Total Elimination.
  2. Death Valley Driver - Great name, great move. Also the Rings of Saturn must get an honorable mention.
  3. Versatility - An all-around talent; high-flyer, submissions, and brawler in one.
  4. Look - Looks like a wrestler, no?
  5. Hero - Via wiki: "During April 2004, Satullo (Saturn) was involved in an altercation with two men when he came to the aid of a woman that they were in the process of raping. He fought the men and was shot with a .25 caliber handgun in the back of the neck and in the right shoulder, to which he originally thought he had received a punch, as a result of the scuffle."

Best comment comes via Nick Wuebker:

"Saturn's Death Valley Driver was a thing of beauty. His Rings of Saturn was at the time one of the most brutal and painful submissions you could get caught in. He also had one of the prettiest flying elbow drops you will ever see. He also threw one hell of a damn good superkick"


What you loathed:

  1. Moppy - I hate to keep using Wikipedia, but sometimes it's just the best way to describe absolute nonsense. "Saturn began acting eccentrically and speaking nonsensically, allegedly as the result of a concussion. Saturn began uttering the phrase "you're welcome" at inopportune intervals, and then fell in love with "Moppy", an inanimate mop which he believed was alive (similar to the Wilson Volleyball in the movie Cast Away)."
  2. Gimmicks - Aside from loving a mop, he wore this in WCW.
  3. Under-Appreciated - It was pretty obvious in WCW and WWE especially, they had no idea what to do with this guy.
  4. Card Position - Due to his unfortunate gimmicks and booking, he never rose above mid-card in his career.
  5. Substance Issues - He had some problems with drugs, but has cleaned up since then, which is always great to hear.

Best comment comes via The 984:

"Love: I share the same birthday with Perry Saturn.

Loathe: We share the same birthday with Rosa Mendes."

On to the poll! With 152 votes, Perry Saturn's average score 3.4.

Thanks, Cagesiders! Tomorrow's pick has been requested on multiple occasions.

Until then!

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