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Hulk Hogan says one more match in WWE is a question of when, not if

Hulkamania ran wild on The Matthew Aaron Show last night, and a topic that recently got some digital ink in our own Rumor Roundup was discussed: an in-ring comeback for Hulk Hogan.

The host was talking up WrestleMania 31 in Santa Clara, California, and asking what sort of "special guest referee"-type role we would see Hogan play considering that, as Aaron says, "because of all the surgeries you can't perform in the ring anymore".  Hulk is quick to correct him, saying:

Brother, my goal is to perform in the ring again.

It's not if, it's when.  I've been training like crazy...the crazy thing is, my back doesn't hurt at all, my back's perfect.  You know, I've finally got by back straightened out - now I'm really trying to get myself into shape because if you et in that WWE ring you gotta bring it like The Rock says.  And last time I brought it they were begging me to take it back. [laughs]

If I get in there I want to make sure I'm ready to go and I give them something to really remember by, so my goal in life would be to perform again in that WWE ring.

Hogan talks about the leg drop, responding to a question about if he'd be able to do the move by lamenting on its impact on his career and current health:

That's the question - people always ask me if there was anything I would ever change about my career and I've always said no.  But then I started to think about it...I was such a dummy, I didn't even know how to work my own gimmick.  I've got the largest arms in the world, why wouldn't I use the sleeper hold, duh, you've got the largest arms in the world and your dropping the leg drop, what does that mean?

If I'd have used the sleeper hold the last 40 years I'd have had no back surgeries.

You want one more match, or leg drop, from the Hulkster, Cagesiders?  Would WWE ever clear him to do it?  And, if so, who would he face?

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