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Newest NXT signee Fergal Devitt looks to make enemies, bring hybrid style to WWE

Just last week, word came down that WWE had officially signed New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) sensation Fergal "Prince" Devitt to a contract.  A day later, we found out he was already at the company's Orlando, Florida Performance Center, and shortly after that we got photo confirmation.

Earlier this week, a exclusive video dropped featuring the Irishman's first interview since becoming a member of the NXT roster.  It's brief, and Devitt seems pretty low key, but other than the obvious (he's keeping his name!  Is it time to bury the WWE Name Generator meme?), it does contain some interesting tidbits.

"It's a very surreal experience so far," he told Renee Young about his finally arriving in WWE, perhaps explaining his looking and sounding as if he had been through the whirlwind.

At least through the course of this one video, they treat his independent and international experience as part of his background.  Not something that they'll dwell on,  but not something that they'll shy away from, either.

"Cesaro is and old friend, and Sheamus as well," the three-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion said, "And, of course, Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn as well.  Lots of old friends here...but I'm sure I'll make a few enemies, too."

Young asked him about his style, and Devitt plans to continue evolving.  "I like to change my style a lot.  I've been trained a lot in European style, then Mexican style, Japanese style...maybe I'll create a little hybrid style for here in WWE."

And last but not least...

Young: Can we expect any facepaint?

Devitt: Ehhhhh, I've always got a couple tricks up my sleeve.  So we'll keep that one for a surprise.

Plus, he doesn't even know what TMZ is.  You've got to love this guy, right gang?

UPDATE: Here's the video:

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