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Slapstick Saturday: Jake Roberts loses 12-foot cobra in DDP's bathroom, goes on vacation anyway

Meet Jake Roberts ... world's worst house guest.

The WWE hall of famer was shacking up with Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) during his recovery and well, they don't call him "The Snake" because he unclogs hairy drains.

The man loves snakes.

That could explain why he brought a 12-foot cobra into casa de DDP, complete with basket and carnival routine. Unfortunately, Roberts was still getting buzzed at the time and welp, happened to lose track of his scaly friend in the guest bathroom.

Hear DDP tell the story:

Sounds like Roberts certainly has his priorities in order.

Giant snake lost in a friend's house vs. beautiful woman waiting for a three-day vacation? I probably would have taken the woman, too, but at least chipped in for the animal control bill. And props to Steve Austin for getting DDP to sell that cobra hisssss.

Roberts, meanwhile, is battling pneumonia in the hospital so if you have a few extra laughs, send them his way.

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