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WWE NXT Takeover II match card, rumors

We're less than two weeks away from the third NXT special event, live on the WWE Network.  The show, the second to bare the name Takeover (spawning much internet hilarity as we've appended bad movie sequel subtitles to the name since Triple H announced it several weeks back), will air Thursday, September 11th at 8PM Eastern time exclusively on the company's subscription-based, over-the-top service.

As of the latest episode of the Developmental program's flagship show, there are five matches booked, although we're still waiting on one of the competing teams for the tag title match to be determined*.

* Spoilers are out there for the pre-taped broadcast leading up to the live special, but yours truly and many of our regulars don't partake. If you are going to post or discuss spoilers or results of future shows, please use the spoiler bar in your comment.

- Adrian Neville (c) vs. Tyler Breeze vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Sami Zayn; Fatal 4Way for the NXT Championship

Neville has beaten Kidd in one-on-one matches, but Tyson has also been on the winning side of a couple of tag matches against Zayn (and a few losing ones) and a countout victory over Breeze (don't pay too much attention to Tyson's kayfabe credentials for a title shot. He deserves to be here because he's been killing it in ring and out since his heel turn).  Prince Pretty beat the Likable One at Takeover (I) to become #1 contender and never got a clean finish to his title shot due to interference from Mr. Natalya.  And Sami...Sami's been chasing the NXT title for over a year and always come up just short of capturing it.

All three challengers stated their case, the champ agreed to take on all comers in a Fatal 4Way, and new General Manager William Regal agreed.

- Charlotte (c) vs. Bayley

Bayley beat the champ's old stable mate, Sasha Banks, to become #1 contender.  Charlotte and the challenger have a bit of history themselves, as they feuded together against Banks and Summer Rae when they were the Beautiful Fierce Females (BFFs) before the Nature Girl turned on B and joined the heel clique.

Women's matches have always been a highlight of these live events, so this one has high standards to live up to.  But Bayley is a great character who is one of the best workers on the show regardless of gender, and Charlotte is coming along nicely and has all the tools to be a big deal in the future.

- Sylvester Lefort vs. Enzo Amore; Hair vs. Hair

Enzo's partner Colin Cassady feuded with Lefort and his partner, Marcus Louis, while Amore was out with a broken leg.  The seven-foot tall Queens native got the best of the Frenchmen, so Les Legionnaires have made it their business to mess with the Enzo & Big Cass tag team.  After distracting them into a loss to the Vaudevillains, they attacked after the Ny/NJ duo lost clean to that same team in the #1 contenders tournament, shaving off part of the trash talker skywalker's beard (howudoin).  Amore issued the challenge for a hair vs. hair match, and Louis accepted for his somewhat reluctant countryman.

- The Ascension (c) vs. the winner of Vaudevillains vs. Kalisto & Sin Cara; NXT Tag Team Championship

Konnor & Viktor are the longest reigning tag champs in NXT history.  In order to find a suitable challenger for them, a tournament was announced to decide who their next rivals, or victims, in the minds of The Ascension, would be.  After two rounds, next week's finals will pit Simon Gotch & Aiden English - the stage actor and sideshow strongman who make up the Vaudevillains - against Developmental's acrobatic luchador Kalisto and the new look Sin Cara (Hunico under the hood made infamous by Mistico on the main shows).  The lucha team is clearly babyface; both of the other teams work heel but get mixed reactions from the NXT crowd.

- Bull Dempsey vs. Mojo Rawley

These two brawlers were a makeshift team in the tournament, who lost in the first round to the Vaudevillains.  After Mojo took the pin, Bull turned on him.  The old school Dempsey is getting the push that Rawley was getting about six months ago, and seems to be matching him in terms of crowd reaction while exceeding his workrate.  The Hype Man is trying to tweak his character from less goofy to more intense.  But most of his offense still ends with him putting his butt on his opponent.

That's what we have so far, and it might end up being the final card.  It's possible that they'll add something featuring another mid-carder guy they've been working with (CJ Parker, perhaps?) or a visiting main roster star or alum (Rusev, Adam Rose), but I'd expect the three title bouts to get 45 minutes to an hour, so there's not too much more to fill since there will probably be interviews, video packages and the like as well.

What do you think of the card so far, Cagesiders?  How does it stack up to ArRIVAL or the first Takeover?

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