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WWE reportedly more interested in Ronda Rousey after SummerSlam, Expendables 3

under Creative Commons 2.0 license
under Creative Commons 2.0 license
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The UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion is quickly overtaking Sting as the most popular person for the dirt screens to speculate about.

Following her enjoyable visit to WWE's SummerSlam show in Los Angeles on August 17th, The Wrestling Observer says that the company is more interested than ever in doing business with the mixed martial artist.  While there have definitely been folks inside WWE who were both aware of Rousey and saw potential in making money with her in pro wrestling/sports entertainment, the subscription-required newsletter says that many in the company's upper echelon are not well versed in MMA or UFC and weren't very familiar with her at all.

Her time at and around the Staples Center earlier this month - specifically her interactions with Stephanie McMahon - opened a lot of eyes to the champ and her potential value to WWE.  Combine that with her role in Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables 3, a film that disappointed at the box office but which featured WWE-friendly celebs like Sly and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and suddenly Rousey became a figure of great interest to WWE brass.

While it probably remains doubtful that the woman known as "Rowdy" (after Roddy Piper) who fronts a stable called the Four Horsewomen (after you-know-who) has the time, or UFC head Dana White's blessing, to pursue any pro wrestling opportunities, The Observer believes the company will be making her an offer to do something for them on television and/or pay-per-view (PPV) very soon.

Is this something you could see happening Cagesiders, or is it just more hype and wishful thinking?  If Double-R made her way to WWE, how would you book her?

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