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Ryback says he's taking some time off from WWE

Last night's Raw was missing a lot of big names.  With notable absences like Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Randy Orton and Chris Jericho, it's understandable if the lack of a certain heel enhancement talent tag team didn't jump out at you.

But former pay-per-view (PPV) main eventer, Paul Heyman Guy and undefeated hungry guy was not on WWE television last night.  And Ryback got on social media to mention it after Raw went off the air:


The tweet has since been deleted, which is sticking with a couple of the Big Guy's gimmicks: "tweet, tweet, delete"and messing with fans on Twitter.

Taking time off to "get some stuff fixed" doesn't seem like the kind of thing someone in an industry where injuries are common would joke about, especially someone who missed a year and a half following a broken ankle that cost him his place in the Nexus angle and required three surgeries to fix.

But this is a man who joked about being released, so it shouldn't be ruled out.

Then there are the shots at CM Punk, taken via post-script and action figure diorama.  Is Ryback playing the company man and mocking someone who is very much on Vince McMahon's naughty list?  Or is he tying "not being himself" back to when he was rushed to the main event scene to challenge Punk's epic WWE title run while John Cena was on the shelf - leading to a series of losses from which his once-hot babyface character never recovered?

If he is really gone for a while, it was nice for him to get a big pop in his hometown of Las Vegas last week as a send-off.  Hurry back, Big Guy, the WWE is a better place with your bullying/goofy self in it.

If he's just screwing with got us again, Ryback.

Which do you think it is, Cagesiders?

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