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Adrian Neville's Cageside Evaluation

FD562 via WIkimedia Commons

What you loved:

  1. High Flying - Red Arrow. That is all.
  2. In-Ring - Adrian does have a solid overall moveset, extremely fluid anywhere around the ring.
  3. Physique - The guy is in impressive shape.
  4. English Accent - Some of you enjoy it, and helps him stand out from the other wrestlers.

Best comment comes via The Five Count:

"His Red Arrow is simply amazing! Also dat sell of the tornado DDT."


What you loathed:

  1. Mic Work - A big negative, can't connect with you guys when he speaks. Although some felt he has improved over the past few months.
  2. Main Roster - When he gets called up, things might not go so well. Not having that talent on the mic and without much of a gimmick, the masses may not latch on to him. Think Justin Gabriel or Evan Bourne.
  3. Gimmick - Right now, he's a bland face, needs some more layers to become an interesting character.
  4. One Trick Pony - Had mixed opinions about this one, some felt he does enough in the ring to not be called this. While others called him this because when they think of him, it's only because of his high spots.
  5. Size - Billed at 5'10" (some of you said he's shorter for sure), size could hold him back in the big leagues. Yes, guys like Shawn Michaels and Daniel Bryan break through, but they were at an elite level.

Best comment comes via KDidz:

"Obviously, his mic work leaves something to be desired. It’s improving, but it does not resonate with the crowd. Even more so, I don’t find him charismatic. Daniel Bryan is an average promo but he’s got a very charismatic personality. In the ring, I want to cheer him. While Neville’s matches are really strong, he doesn’t have that thing that really makes me want to see him win. I can’t connect with his character and therefore, I’ll never truly care about his story."

On to the poll! With 170 votes, Adrian Neville's average score is 3.8

Thanks, Cagesiders! Tomorrow's pick has one of the best mustaches ever.

Until then!

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