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El Torito's Cageside Evaluation

What you loved:

  1. In-Ring - Amazingly quick, has high-flying skills, and rarely botches his moves. Here's a good example of his skills.
  2. Bo Dallas Gif - You know which one it is.
  3. Gimmick - This gimmick should be completely stupid, but he puts in 100% effort and makes it work.
  4. Over - He's supposed to be the "mascot" and is more over than Primo and Epico.
  5. Charisma - He doesn't speak a word and is still able to convey plenty of emotions while on-screen.

Best comment comes via Bisaha:

"El Torito stole the show in a six man tag match with himself and Los Matadores against 3MB and Ricardo Rodriguez (I don’t recall which 3MB member was missing at the time.) El Torito was electric, seemingly everywhere at once and held his own without ever asking me to question my suspension of disbelief more than I already do when watching wrestling. He got the pin on Rodriguez with a hurricanrana driver that was delivered and sold so well that there was audible gasp in the Garden. That little bull can wrestle."


What you loathed:

  1. Gimmick - The downside of being a bull, is he's pretty much tied to Los Matadores. Even if they split, there's a pretty clear ceiling for his status on the card.
  2. Creative - They have zero original ideas for this character, aside from being in comedy angles.
  3. JBL - Does his typical yelling and "Maggle", the usual repetitive nonsense.
  4. Hornswoggle - The problem with El Torito is that Hornswoggle is not far behind. Creative just can't find anything else for these two to do.

Best comment comes via Larrymentalboy:

"Part of his gimmick is headbutting dudes in the nuts."

On to the poll! With 209 votes, El Torito's average score is 3

Thanks, Cagesiders! Tomorrow's pick could be found in a toolbox.

Until then!

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