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WWE Main Event results, video from August 19, 2014: Michael Cole takes over, Sheamus vs. Cesaro set-up

It might be okay to take Tuesday nights off again.

After a hot run of shows in July, WWE Network's Main Event has settled back into being Superstars-Plus, with popular mid-card babyfaces having decent, lengthy matches against miscellaneous heels, a Divas match, some replays from Raw and some set-up for Smackdown.

On the plus side, there's still a lot of SLATERGATOR. To counter-act that, Michael Cole took over for Tom Phillips last night, and it sounds like Cole and Byron Saxton are the announce team going forward - depriving us of one of our Maggle-free nights of the week.

The attached playlist only includes three of the four matches, but here's a quick rundown of what was on the show last night:

  • United States Champion Sheamus beat Curtis Axel with a Brogue Kick following a solid, hard-hitting ten minute affair. Cesaro was on commentary as the suit-wearing, full heel version of his character. He put over both competitors and got in some good lines on Cole. After the match he carried the US belt to the ring and tossed it at the Celtic Warrior, so this sets up that rumored feud.
  • Triple H announced the match we're all dreading waiting for, Cena vs. Lesnar: The Secret of the Rematch, for Night of Champions.
  • Nikki Bella beat Emma after about five minutes. Heeling suits the other Bella well (she's still not great - think the improvement Cameron made as a heel vs. trying to play's like that but a little better) and the Aussie is a good partner for her.
  • Mark Henry and Big Show got interview time with Renee Young. The dynamic is that Show is goofy and Mizark is focused.
  • SLATERGATOR beat Los Matadores. Other than the continued dominance of Heath Slater & Titus O'Neil, the story here was that Hornswoggle is now dressing as a cow and accompanying Fernando & Diego to the ring along with El Torito. He's La Vaquita, or "little cow".
  • Luke Harper gets to talk a little on behalf of his red-bearded partner.
  • Renee Young is back, with Mr. Money in the Bank this time. Unfortunately, no sign of Dean "it's for charity" Ambrose this time, just Seth Rollins cutting a decent promo tying the MIA Ambrose in with John Cena and Chris Jericho as fallen heroes from SummerSlam. He includes Jack Swagger on that list, and announced that he'll face the Real American on Smackdown.
  • Big Show beat Rowan in the last match, but the Wyatt Family member basically dominated the whole time and only got caught with a WMD when he was taunting the Giant at the end.

It was a thoroughly alright show, but not "must see", in my opinion.

Anyone else watch? What did you think?

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