A sure way to screw up Brock Lesnar and a possible way not to

With the destruction of John Cena at SummerSlam, WWE is entering into waters it doesn't normally find itself in: the deliberately "part-time" champ. (Rock doesn't count, because everyone knew he was winning solely to put Cena over.) If done properly, this could put the eventual winner over something fierce. It could even help launch a new era of wrestling awesomeness. The catch is that it has to be done correctly. Forgive me for being blunt, but a lot of people are making a fatal mistake in how this should be done.

What is Said:

It is said that since Lesnar is an unstoppable badass, the only way you can dethrone him is with an even bigger badass. The new conquering hero has to look like he could actually stand toe to toe with Lesnar, face him with overwhelming odds, and overcome them. Once he does this, he will be the new superman of the WWE. Many think Roman Reigns should be groomed for this role.

Now don't get me wrong, I love me some Roman Reigns, and I've already outlined why I think he will be the future number one guy in the company. Yet crowning him as the new superman is not the way to do it. (Even if that is the way they will go.) In trying to have someone be a bigger badass than Lesnar, you make a fatal flaw:


The man is a human cheat code. He's 6'3, and depending on his mood, anywhere between 275-300 pounds. He made John Cena look like a midget last night. John Cena, one of the strongest men in the company. While he is no longer doing shooting star presses, he is capable of frightening displays of quickness in addition to his size. When he starts pounding you, it looks painful and scary.

No booking can alter this reality. That was the big point of Lesnar mauling Undertaker and Cena. He destroyed taker to prove that tradition and legacy are nothing to him. And he destroyed Cena to prove that sports entertainment supermen are myths. Trying to change this reality is pointless. Yes, anything can happen in sports entertainment, but must we always go the tried and true (and boring!) route?

So who should be the one to dethrone Lesnar? I say Daniel Bryan. But if you don't, that's okay! Make it whoever you want, but make it with the following considerations in mind (add or subtract as you will):

1.) You need someone faster than Lesnar. While Brock is freakishly quick, he is still limited by his large frame. In the story world, he is still the man who gets in close to maul his enemies. When people try to take him in a straight up fight, the Undertaker at Mania and Cena at Summerslam happen. His eventual opponent who wins must use quickness to stay out of Lesnar's reach. Lightning quick attacks, quick submission holds you can drop at a moments notice when things start to go sour, etc. If Brock starts his suplex chain, have someone who can flip out of them. The goal should be to wear Lesnar down over a 30 minute period, and in the final 2 minutes, overwhelm him since he can't keep pace.

2.) You need someone who can change the match in the blink of an eye. This was one story they told really well in Lesnar versus Punk. Lesnar mauled him most the match, but Punk was able to get quick moves in that caused a ton of damage and nearly toppled him such as when Lesnar got caught in a triangle choke. Within seconds all that energy and power he had was for nothing. Sure, he eventually powerbombed him. But have it done several times, and on the last powerbomb, counter it with a huricanrana, enziguri or something. In short, you need a submission expert or someone who can deliver short but incredibly lethal strikes.

3.) You cannot do this alone. This is the riskiest and boldest proposition, but one I think could work. Undertaker and Cena (and future opponents) fell to Lesnar because they treated this as their one shot to dethrone him. Have successive opponents realize they have to work together, and with each match, when they realize they are going to lose, do something to slow him down for the next person. By the time his final opponent is at hand, there's a theoretical chance they can win.

4.) You must isolate Heyman. Something they haven't explored (though they should) is how Heyman has the ability to save Lesnar from himself. When Lesnar gets angry, he tends to be rash. LIke any great badass, he believes he can prevail in any situation. Heyman reminds him how foolish this is.

Take the go-home show to Summerslam. Lesnar rushes the ring to take out several old wrestlers past their prime. Cena arrives to defend them. At this point, it's 6 on 1. Kevin Nash, despite being old, is still a pretty big guy, and he could do some damage, especially with Cena there as well. Heyman wisely pulls him away.

In dethroning Brock, you need to take this into account. Before the final battle, Heyman has to be neutralized. While it would be the most satisfying to the crowd if he were brutalized, you can do it through subterfuge. Plant the seeds of discontent between Heyman and the Authority, having it finally blow up to where Heyman is "fired" or isolated from Lesnar. Then have Lesnar do something really stupid that puts him in a really bad position. Then have his eventual opponent use that against him to help win the match.

5.) When you finally dethrone Lesnar, have him go in a blaze of glory. They teased this at Payback with The Shield/Evolution, with HHH standing defiantly with the sledgehammer in hand with all three hyenas circling him. Of course the next night HHH is still the big guy. They should have saved this for when HHH "goes away" for awhile. After Lesnar loses, have everyone come out celebrating. Then have Lesnar stand up, as the look transitions from disbelief to rage. Have him declare that this is still his house, he's still king, and have him charge at the new champion.

At this point, have someone (preferably someone Lesnar has mauled) step in between them alongside others and have them work together to take Brock down. Have Brock need 5 or 6 guys to finally keep him down, and have all of them forcibly drag him to the door of the arena and expel him, not just from the arena, but from the WWE. (Sure, he'll be back in 2 years, but kayfabe people!)

I think this sounds more intriguing (and doable) than looking for the next Superman. Let's have a smart conqueror this time.

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