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Alberto Del Rio reveals new ring name and discusses where he stands with WWE at AAA Triplemania press conference

Digale hola a El Patron.

That will be the name the man we knew as Alberto Del Rio will work under in Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA), the Mexican promotion he will debut for this weekend at their Triplemania XXII event this weekend.  He revealed that and more at a press conference for the show, as reported by Kris Zellner at PWInsider.

Explaining that 'Alberto Del Rio' is owned by WWE, the former ADR (real name Alberto Rodriguez) confirmed that what he refered to himself as in the promo video that we brought you earlier this week will in fact be his new ring name.  It's based in part on Ricardo Rodriguez's introduction of him in Vince McMahon's company.  Ricardo also called his former kayfabe employer El Patron while working on Spanish-language commentary.

El Patron confirmed that he will not be able to wrestle for AAA for 90 days, but that his lawyers are fighting that.  It's unlikely that legal action, if real, would be successful, and the comments were most likely designed to get heat on WWE and push him as a babyface, or tecnico, in his new promotion.

His alignment was further confirmed in his response to a question about who he wants to face when he is cleared to wrestle.  El Patron said that he'll be gunning for the Mega Heavyweight Championship and Hijo del Texano, a rudo.

Asked about the circumstances around his firing by WWE, El Patron said that he can not speak about it yet due to ongoing legal maneuvering, but that he would speak on it the coming weeks.  A similar question about whether Rey Mysterio would be coming to AAA prompted Director General Joaquin Roldan to jump in and state that AAA would not comment on Mysterio so as to not tamper with his contract with WWE, but did express their interest in bringing him into the fold should circumstances allow it.

Triplemania happens this Sunday, August 17th - the same day as WWE SummerSlam - in Mexico City,  It will be available on pay-per-view (PPV) in Mexico, and internet PPV in other countries.

Stay tuned for more on El Patron, and whatever happened or will happen next between he and WWE.

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