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Jason Albert's Cageside Evaluation

First, a comment from Cagesider, Superdestroyer#11:

"Albert used to be student teacher who worked with special needs children before being prompted to try his hand at wrestling (the story is that he would take his kids to wrestling shows a lot and he got discovered by somebody. He was pushed and supported in taking on his new role as a wrestler and I’ve heard, when he is able to, he is supportive of teachers and the education system). He is now a trainer for NXT and I think someone who comes from an education background is a perfect choice to help guide people."

What you loved:

  1. Japan - It's almost a tale of two wrestlers. Many of you felt that the real talent Matt Bloom had was showcased there. In the U.S., he was somewhere between under-utilized and downright awful.
  2. Hoss - At  6'7"/360 lbs. he could rumble with other big men, but could still move quick enough to take on the smaller talent.
  3. T&A - A great team alongside Test with Trish as their manager. Feud with the Dudleys was one of their more memorable moments.
  4. "Paul Heyman Guy" - Back in 2002, before that phrase was a thing, he teamed up with Heyman and The Big Show.
  5. Announcing - He's now on NXT and has done a solid job in his new role. Also he apparently loves "bubbles" and Bayley, so bonus points for that.

Best comment comes via Fraser Coffeen:

"I hate being this guy, but he was really, really good when working in Japan. He’s an agile big man, with good stiff offense, and it worked incredibly well in the Japanese scene. He was in the totally great VDM stable over there, and holds the record for longest IWGP Tag Title reign ever, holding the belts simultaneously with the GHC belts. He had great matches with all kinds of people. In short, he was really, really good."


What you loathed:

  1. Gimmicks - This was pretty much the focal point today. How many bad gimmicks can one guy get? Prince Albert, Sweet T, a stable called "X-Factor" with Justin Credible and X-Pac. Oh yeah, and of course...
  2. Lord Tensai - This one really stuck out for you guys, as being way too goofy, and just something that was not going to work long-term.
  3. WWE Return - He returned to the WWE from Japan in 2012, and well, you guys know how poorly it went.
  4. Mid-Card - Had the talent to get higher, but in the U.S. never got past the mid-card.

Best comment comes via Mrs. Black:

"Eh, I don't really loathe anything about him. I was confused by the Lord Tensai stuff, but I’m confused by shiny objects and French so that’s not saying much."

On to the poll! With 215 votes, Prince Albert's average score is 2.9

Thanks, Cagesiders! Tomorrow's pick led one of the worst stables ever.

Until then!

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