9.99 Times Zero = Zero: A Complaint Against WWE's Network Push

Let me give this an epic preface: I am a WWE Network subscriber. I think it is a phenomenal value for me. Without it I would have spent over a hundred dollars on WWE PPVs this year alone. Right now, I have only spent the initial sixty dollar commitment. As a lapsed fan, I have spent countless hours, watching old WWE PPVs, catching up on guys like Kurt Angle, Edge, HHH and his reign of terror, early Brock Lesnar, Jeff Hardy, CM Punk, etc. etc.

With that being said...

I am writing this in Snow Hill, North Carolina, about 25 minutes away from East Carolina University, the university that our benevolent benefactor, Vincent K. McMahon attended college many years ago. Snow Hill is where I grew up, and where my dad still lives; I am visiting him in my childhood home.

Snow Hill, NC only has basic DSL service. I tried to watch Main Event tonight. It worked somewhat, but was spotty through out, even when I paused multiple times for the stream to catch up. I queued up last week's NXT and the quality reminded me of 2006 YouTube videos with more hiccups.

Lucky for me, I live in Raleigh, NC and do have high speed broadband courtesy of Time Warner Cable (though their prices leave something to be desired).

Then again, I like to spend a lot of time in the North Carolina mountains. One place I stay has terribly slow yet functional satellite internet, but has great Direct TV service. I have thought about moving there a few times. The satellite internet there could not stream any major video feed. If I moved there, 9.99 would not be an option for me; however 54.95 per PPV via Direct TV would. But apparently, WWE corporate would consider me a dufus for purchasing through DTV as opposed to the Network, even if I was a multi-millionaire living in the mountains without broadband internet.

I have been driving through a lot of rural North Carolina lately and for better or worse, the low income housing and rural trailer parks have satellite service. However, broadband is a pipe (literally) dream for many of these areas. So, WWE, keep making fun of the hicks and dummies for not getting the incredible value of 9.99 for the WWE Network. No wonder your advertising rates are considered bottom of the barrel when you talk down to your clientele on a weekly basis. Most of these people can only access your PPVs via satellite, but let's make fun of them.

Zero x anything = zero; even 9.99.

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