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Will Alberto Del Rio debut for AAA this Sunday at TripleMania 22?

If you believe AAA announcer Arturo Rivera on Twitter, then he will do exactly that.

Alberto Del Rio looks to be striking while the iron is hot.
Alberto Del Rio looks to be striking while the iron is hot.
Shamsuddin Muhammad of Flickr via Wikimedia Commons

The bizarre story of Alberto Del Rio being released by WWE for unprofessional conduct and a physical altercation with a superior has taken another surprising turn.

Normally fired WWE superstars agree to a three month non-compete clause that prevents them from working for rival wrestling groups immediately after their contractual release and in return they get paid their downside guarantee by WWE for that period. However, there's now evidence to believe that Alberto Del Rio will be a rare exception to this rule.

That's because AAA announcer Arturo Rivera has tweeted in Spanish that Alberto Del Rio will make his debut for AAA at TripleMania 22 this Sunday:

Although there isn't any official confirmation of this news yet, it is known that AAA were keen to acquire Del Rio's services and Konnan, who's heavily involved with AAA's creative direction, has stuck up for Del Rio on Twitter, blaming racism for his current plight.

If true, Del Rio joining AAA is another blow for TNA, who were also highly eager to sign him. But who can blame Del Rio for going with the company that are guaranteed to have a TV platform in the United States in the fall and whose long term future is not in jeopardy?

I also imagine that WWE can't be pleased that Alberto Del Rio will potentially be appearing on a show that runs head-to-head with SummerSlam on iPPV in Mexico. For copyright reasons, he'll have to use a different name in AAA, with the most likely choices being his real name of Alberto Rodríguez or his old AAA/CMLL gimmick of Dos Caras Jr.

I'm sure we'll have more on this breaking news, as it develops, Cagesiders. In the meantime, feel free to debate the merits of Alberto Del Rio opting for AAA over TNA.

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