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WWE SmackDown spoilers, results, live updates (Aug. 1, 2014): Outnumbered

WWE Friday Night SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (August 1, 2014) from Corpus Christi, Texas, with a taped show on the SyFy channel featuring all the continued build toward the big SummerSlam pay-per-view (PPV) going down in just a few weeks at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Because SmackDown is a taped show, you can simply go read the spoilers to know everything that happens (find them by clicking here).

Use this space to follow along and discuss tonight's happenings as they occur.  There's no better way to enjoy the best dang pro wrestling community on the internet than with a little live blog action.

Enjoy the show!



- Jack Swagger was out first carrying the American flag. Cesaro was out next and he's got a European siren on his theme song now instead of the air raid siren and it is awful. Swagger vs. Cesaro is your match, of course. It was a decent opener with Swagger going over clean with the Patriot Act on a counter to a big boot. After, Rusev and Lana came out. She challenged the Real Americans to a Flag match at SummerSlam. Colter accepted. It's on!

- Randy Orton was out next for a promo. He said he has no issue with Brock Lesnar but he's the one who truly deserves to be in the WWE world heavyweight championship match at SummerSlam and the only reason he isn't is because of Roman Reigns. That's why he sent such a strong message on Raw this past Monday. After a video replay of said message, Orton challenged Reigns to a match at SummerSlam.

- R-Truth got a jobber entrance before Bo Dallas came out. JBL called Truth "the one in 17 and 1". All the sadness. Bo wanted to shake hands before the match but Truth was having none of it and attacked. The match was short and was all about Dallas continuing to show his mean streak. The finish was Bo beating on Truth in the corner and failing to heed to the referee's count of five, which led to a disqualification defeat. New streak, this time with two losses in a row. Post-match promo: "I BOLIEVE that R-Truth got exactly what was coming to him. Bolieveing is a spiritual experience, and I know that all of you have not lost faith because I know that all of you deep down inside truly BOLIEVE in me!"

- Rosa Mendes got a jobber entrance for her match with AJ Lee. They did mention she'll be on season three of Total Divas at least. The match lasted something like 10 seconds, with AJ going over with the Black Widow. When she went up the ramp, Paige ran in from nowhere and knocked her off the stage. AJ took a hard bump and was immediately attended to. Paige sat on the ramp and demanded they "be careful with my best friend". She was awesome here. "Hey AJ, just call me, when you're feeling better". Although spoilers noted a stretcher job, that wasn't show on TV. UPDATE: After a commercial, they did show the stretcher job.

- Dean Ambrose cut a promo backstage. He talked about The Authority placing obstacles in front of him to protect their investment, Seth Rollins. He said he's willing to go through Kane to get to Rollins and once he does, he'll mess Rollins' face up so bad he'll need one of Kane's masks.

- Kane & Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose was next. The story, one Michael Cole was pushing hard, was that Rollins wanted nothing to do with Ambrose in a fair fight. Instead, he waited until Kane got Dean worn down and took advantage. Then when Ambrose took advantage of an opening to give himself a chance, Rollins would tag back out. They built to the moment Dean finally did get his hands on Rollins with Kane on the outside but it didn't last. Once Kane knocked him out of the ring, Ambrose grabbed a chair. When he used it, he was disqualified and that was the finish. After, he hit Kane with a DDT on the chair. When he couldn't get to Rollins, he laid into Kane even more.

- Chris Jericho was interviewed by Renee Young. They ran video of the past two weeks in his feud with Bray Wyatt. Jericho called Battleground one of the greatest nights of his career but he's been paying the price for it ever since. He said he can't beat 3-to-1 odds, which is why they made the stipulation for his match with Erick Rowan tonight that if he wins, Rowan can't be ringside at SummerSlam. He said he would get crazy and after SummerSlam The Wyatt Family will never, ever be the same again.

- Stardust was back talking about what color the cowboy's saddle is. He asked this to Goldust, who was wearing a cowboy hat. "Is it brown?" No. More nonsense.

- Fandango vs. Diego was next. Once again, Summer Rae and Layla were out with Los Matadores. You've seen this before. Fandango was distracted by the ladies dancing with El Torito on the outside and ended up losing the match because of it. So dumb.

- The Miz was out for commentary -- calling JBL and Michael Cole's words "art" -- for the Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio match. They put over that Ziggler beat Miz on Raw two weeks ago in a non-title match, "perhaps" making him the top contender to the Intercontinental championship. Shortly into the match, The Miz got up on the commentary table to say "quiet on the set" because he wanted to thank everyone he forgot in his Intercontinental title acceptance speech. He thanked Ziggler, who was actually doing just fine ignoring it up to a point. Then he snapped and ran after Miz, who bailed out through the crowd. When Dolph came back into the ring, Del Rio caught him with a kick, then the Cross Armbreaker for the submission. Del Rio celebrated the win on the second rope and the camera completely ignored him, instead focusing on Miz and Ziggler.

- They updated AJ Lee's condition, saying she was transported to a local hospital and would be kept overnight for observation.

- Chris Jericho vs. Erick Rowan was next. First, a promo from Bray Wyatt, who said he was warned about Chris by "her" and how Chris was going to show up talking about saving us. But he lied, and "they" see right through him now. At SummerSlam, they will see their savior, Bray, destroy the imposter, Chris. That led into the match. Bray and Luke Harper were ringside for it. Bray was encouraging Rowan from ringside, telling him to "be a man" and "get up and fight". The match wasn't great, and the fans didn't seem to be all that into it. It was slow. They got to a point where Rowan appeared to be in position to win but despite Bray demanding he "finish it", he never actually got the job done and Jericho eventually slipped out of bad position, hit a Codebreaker, and got the clean pinfall. Of note: Harper left the ringside area at some point, or at least he wasn't shown, and Bray never did attempt to save Rowan.


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