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Rumored demise of TNA Impact Wrestling doesn't surprise Rampage Jackson, because 'they don't have one clue what they're doing'

Bellator mixed martial arts (MMA) attraction Tito Ortiz, unfazed by recent reports that suggest TNA Impact Wrestling could be homeless by October, is planning on rejoining the cast and crew of the troubled pro wrestling organization as early as next month.

Don't expect Quinton Jackson to tag along.

While "Rampage" was embroiled in a televised feud with "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" last fall, in an effort to drum up interest for their Bellator 106 pay-per-view (PPV) bout that died on the vine, Jackson told Cageside Seats it was time to cut bait and return to shore.

Here's why:

"There's a reason you haven't seen me on TNA in awhile. I went over there and saw how they were running things, I was like 'fuck this.' These guys don't have one clue what they're doing. I was disappointed because I really like pro wrestling. There were a lot of creative things they could have done with me. A lot of stuff could have been so much fun. I don't know what their thought process is over there or what they were thinking about. I left and said 'you know what, I ain't coming back.' I just kept it quiet though, I didn't say nothing bad in the press. I'm still not gonna say anything bad in the press -- except what I just said right now."

As for the rumors that TNA will soon be abandoned by Spike TV, the Memphis native simply shrugged his shoulders and told us he "wasn't surprised."

Jackson has been a longtime fan of the wrasslin' business and he was expected to become a significant presence on Impact, alongside Bellator rival "King Mo" Lawal. Unfortunately, the promotion failed to utilize its MMA crossover stars and with CEO Bjorn Rebney getting future endeavored, those opportunities appear to be no more.

Just don't tell Tito.

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