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What history suggests Sting could be doing with WWE on 7.14.14

daysofthundr46 via Wikimedia Commons
UPDATED: Multiple reports indicate that the 'SychoVicious' Twitter account in no way belongs or is connected to Sycho Sid.  Accept our apologies and keep that in mind while considering the first three paragraphs.  It does not change or alter the analysis/opinion presented in the remainder of the post.

Pro wrestling is buzzing with the latest teases and rumors of Sting finally showing up in a Vince McMahon promotion following a pair of cryptic tweets from the WCW legend yesterday.  With hope swinging from "he'll be on Raw!" to rumors that it's not even related to the sports entertainment giant, another player has entered the fray:

Yes, that would be from the man best known to WWE fans as Sycho Sid, a two-time WWF Champ in the 90s whose most recent pro wrestling work was a couple of guest appearances on Raw in 2012 when Heath Slater was jobbing to legends.

Sid (real name Sid Eudy) and Sting have crossed paths a few times in NWA and WCW, but there's no history that would suggest their returns would be tied together for an on-screen story.

Given the timeline, it's more likely that both are generating excitement for an announcement concerning the latest edition of WWE's video game franchise.  WWE 2K15 is scheduled for release in October from 2K Sports.  It was around this time last year that The Ultimate Warrior was announced as having agreed to be included in the game roster for the 2013 version of the game - in fact, the commercial Warrior filmed for his inclusion as a pre-order exclusive downloadable character in 2K14 was released on July 15, 2013.

The timeline would be nearly identical for the companies to release information or promotional materials for this year's game next week.

Some industry veterans and insiders have confirmed that such materials are ready to roll.  Former WWE writer Court Bauer also tweeted yesterday:

There's nothing wrong with keeping hope alive, but more signs point to Sting's relationship with WWE continuing slowly forward rather than for a big surprise return in what is already a crowded summer main event scene.

But as we saw with Warrior last year, and Brock Lesnar before that, inclusion in the video game is often the last step before doing much bigger things with the company.  Warrior would be inducted into the Hall of Fame within a year, and Lesnar was signed to his lengthy part-time schedule after joining the game roster.

Is a slot on the roster for 2K15 what Sting (and Sid) are teasing?  And in the case of the Stinger, is it just another step toward eventually becoming a Vince McMahon employee?

We'll know more on 7.14.14.

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