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Vader's Cageside Evaluation

His name is Vader and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about the former WCW Heavyweight Champion. Here's the full evaluation.

What you loved:

  1. Monster Heel - One of the best monster heels ever in the business, legit scary dude back in the day.
  2. Gimmick - He used basically the same gimmick as both a heel or face, and was able to get over either way, although heel was the better of the two.
  3. In-Ring - An amazingly agile worker at 6'5''/450 lbs, he could do a moonsault off the top rope. Not to mention the Vader Bomb was one of the most devastating looking moves ever.
  4. Boy Meets World - Via the Boy Meets World wikia: "Francis Stecchino, Sr. (stage name Vader) is a very large man who works as a professional wrestler. He has trouble staying out of character and often bellows at people and threatens them with physical violence."
  5. Helmet - An amazing entrance outfit, if he wasn't scary as is, this just put it over the top.

Best comment comes via AJ Guinness:

"When I was a kid I was truly TERRIFIED of Vader. I distinctly remember the matches he had with Sting, ones which are probably the best super heavyweight vs heavyweight matches, not because of Sting, but because Vader was especially athletic and able to move around the ring in a way he shouldn’t have been able to."


What you loathed:

  1. WWE Run - Never got that major pushed he deserved, backstage politics got the best of him, easy #1 choice.
  2. Stiff - His style can be very aggressive and Vader has hurt multiple opponents over the years, particularly thanks to the Vader Bomb. Most notably Mick Foley lost part of his ear in a match with Vader, although Vader blamed the tightness of the ring ropes to that injury.
  3. Title Runs - I hate to say that he underachieved, because some decisions were out of his hands, but Vader should have way more major championship titles under his name.
  4. Hogan - Once Hogan got to WCW, he became the big dog, and well you know how that story goes...

Best comment comes via beckett929:

"He lost the WCW world title to Hogan in a strap match that Vader himself didn’t even get dragged around the ring for, Flair did!"

On to the poll! With 207 votes, Vader's average score is 4.2.

Thanks, Cagesiders! Tomorrow's pick is a move that's out of this world.

Until then!

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