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Video: Santino Marella announcing the probable end of his in-ring career at a WWE House Show in Toronto

WWE has officially released video footage from last night's house show in Toronto where Santino Marella surprised the crowd and the wrestling world with news that his most recent neck injury will likely mean the end of his in-ring career as a pro wrestler.

The above video and a related story on makes the news official, not that many were doubting it's veracity, and places it in kayfabe for Creative to use as they see fit. As you can see in the clip, Marella jokes with the crowd about possible becoming a General Manager (or somethings like dat) while stating that he is not leaving WWE, he just won't be wrestling or taking bumps any more.

Tune in to Raw tonight to see if Santino gets a televised version of the speech, or how the non-wrestling phase of his career might begin!

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