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Stone Cold Steve Austin thinks it's time for WWE to get rid of scripted promos

Bright House Sports Network

The Texas Rattlesnake is making the rounds promoting his new CMT reality show Broken Skull Challenge, a ten episode series pitting male and female amateur athletes against each other in physical competition on an obstacle course at his Broken Skull Ranch for a $10,000 prize.

Of course, when one of the most famous pro wrestlers in history heads out on the interview circuit, he's going to be asked about pro wrestling, and the biggest company in that world, WWE.

In a chat with the Bright House Sports Network (which you can see video of right here), Steve Austin was asked about the differences between his day and today's WWE.  Stone Cold feels today's stars need more input into what they say on camera in order to really connect with audiences the way guys like he and The Rock were able to in The Attitude Era.

I disagree with (scripting). I think the nature of a promo has to come from your heart and your guts and you have to mean everything that you're saying. Now is the perfect time to go back to that formula. You learn to sink or swim. And guys and gals will start to learn to swim again. That's what's going to make the product feel more organic, more spontaneous and more real.

While not exactly a new viewpoint among star of yesteryear like Austin or Mick Foley, it always make fans wonder if letting a few guys cut loose wouldn't help them grow into larger than life stars.  And if some of the stars of the 21st century would know what to do with a live microphone and no written dialogue.

Do you agree with Stone Cold on this one?  Could newer WWE Superstars raised on reading someone else's words make the transition to speaking freely?

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