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Veteran wrestler and trainer Lance Storm has high praise for WWE NXT

ECW, WCW and WWE veteran Lance Storm was catching up on his NXT watching this weekend, and was compelled to head to Twitter to share what he likes about the show, which airs every Thursday at 9PM Eastern on WWE Network, and is available for streaming any time after its initial run.

This is notable for a couple of reasons.  One, Storm's praise is very much in line with the usual dialogue here at Cageside Seats about what makes NXT the best hour of pro wrestling every week.  While it's had some rough patches here and there, it's been remarkable consistent over the last couple of years (and on a really good run since the live Takeover special at the end of May).

And the reason it is consistently great is not simply because it's full of fresh talent, but because of the formula that Storm describes.  You'll here folks within the internet wrestling community knock NXT fans every once in a while for being wrestling hipsters who only want to watch their favorite independent stars under their new names.  And while that is part of the appeal, it's mostly because the show is booked in a simple but not simplistic fashion.  In fifty-or-so minutes each week, you get a promos, interviews and squashes that advance angles and introduce characters, a ten minute main event and a five minute women's match that can be held to the same standards as any of the men's bouts.

His opinion does carry a lot more weight than ours, though.  And that's the second reason his tweets are worth highlighting.  With almost a quarter century in the business, Storm has seen more than his fair share of good and bad wrestling.  He's also spent his time since leaving WWE and full-time competing establishing and running Storm Wrestling Academy in his hometown of Calgary.

A trainer who has worked with WWE Superstars like Chris Masters and Dolph Ziggler (and NXT roster members like Emma and the current #1 contender to NXT championship, Tyler Breeze), Storm's perspective on a show designed to help WWE Developmental players hone their skills for the next level is vital.

Long story short, if you like pro wrestling, you should be watching WWE NXT.  And if you don't believe me, listen to a former WCW Cruiseweight, WWE Intercontinental champion and four-time World Tag Team champion (including twice with NXT announcer extraordinaire William Regal).

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