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Jeff Jarrett's Cageside Evaluation

His name is Jeff Jarrett and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about the former WWE IC Champion. Here's the full evaluation.

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What you loved:

  1. Early TNA - Before TNA was a hot mess, Jarrett was leading the company, and quite frankly things were good. Many of you gushed about how awesome the matches were back then.
  2. Worker - Was solid enough in the ring, could put on quality matches with the right opponents.
  3. Heel - A great heel, he was -- is? -- so annoying no matter the gimmick. Crowds would shower him with a chorus of boos when he arrived.
  4. Chyna Feud - Put over Chyna in a great way, eventually dropping the IC title to her.
  5. "Slapnuts!" - From the always credible Urban Dictionary: "An incompetent person. A person that needs an ass whoopin'. Can also be said as 'slappy.'"

Best comment comes via AJ Guiness:

"TNA. Yes, okay nowadays it’s LOLTNA, but in my eyes the ‘glory days’ of 2004-2008/9, TNA was brilliant, and I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that this was when Jarrett was in control of the wrestling product (IE, before the whole Karen Angle debacle came into play). Put it simply, this guy kept me hooked onto a product that back then could do no wrong. From 2004-2009, I watched, purchased, downloaded and went to as many TNA shows as possible, which being a Englishman, I had to wait until 2008 for that, but it was worth the wait. You can’t help but at least admire the fact that he put his money and life on the line for his dream, and although now it’s a shell, I know that I can look back at his time when he was in charge of TNA as the best in it’s probably unfortunately brief history. Because of this, I look forward to what GFW will bring to the table."


What you loathed:

  1. Booking - This guy was mid-card for life, yet with some power he won the WCW Heavyweight Title four times, and the NWA Heavyweight Title six times! Check that ego Mr. Jarrett. This was by far the most talked about thing today.
  2. WCW Run - Just received too much booking power in this company, and was in the nWo, because...why not?
  3. Global Force Wrestling - Hasn't done a lot yet, so tough to criticize too much, but you guys didn't like the name.
  4. Angle's Wife - Stole his damn wife (Karen), and then had the angle play out on TV!
  5. Face - It's so punchable, no?

Best comment comes via billytaylor:

"Obviously the rift with his dad. What happened with his wife was sad, but I can’t be down with what went on with Angle’s wife and that whole situation. Really, I don’t know what it is about Jarrett, he’s just there. He was there in the trying post-Hogan years in WWE. Then he was part of the Horsemen, because, why not. He was back in WWE at the onset of the Attitude era. Then he came back to WCW while it limped along during its last years. Jarrett then became the unlikely guy to found the only other company that could be vaguely considered a competitor to WWE and now he’s trying to do the same thing again. It always seems like he’s in a spot that could be occupied by someone more talented and interesting. He’s like a guy that just photobombs critical moments in wrestling history."

On to the poll! With 222 votes, Jeff Jarrett's average score is 2.6

Thanks, Cagesiders! Tomorrow's pick was on TNA's first broadcast.

Until then!

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