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TNA Impact preview (July 31, 2014): A-Double marks the spot

Previously on Impact Wrestling

Hey look!  A wrestling show that started with wrestling!  It wasn't in the ring, but Bobby Roode and MVP eventually got there in their falls count anywhere match.  With the aid of a steel chair and that Canadian standby the Sharpshooter, Roode got a win and some revenge over the former authority figure.

Jeff Hardy was glad to be back, even if his body was worse for wear due to his unsuccessful challenge of Bobby Lashley's world title.  The North Carolinian brought some family with him to New York City, and the crowd enthusiastically welcomed Matt Hardy back to TNA.  So did the tag champs, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, who are excited for the chance to prove themselves against a legendary team like Jeff & Matt.  A future match between the four was set-up with the tag belts on the line.

Knockouts champ Gail Kim and her former rival turned friend were trying to be an example of good sportspersonship when they locked up over the title.  But they didn't get far, because the Beautiful People ran in and put the boots to both of them.

The Bro-Mans were reunited, but so was Low Ki and the city he started out in...and that reunion spoiled the other when he defeated DJ Z.  Gunner and Samuel Shaw didn't start in NYC, but they were impressed by the town.  Anderson remains unimpressed by Shaw's rehabilitation.  The former stalker came to the Asshole's rescue when he was being assaulted by Bram & Magnus after Gunner & Anderson lost to the Brits.  Not sure if it was enough to change Ken's mind, especially when Shaw was also overcome and the whole crew needed a save from Abyss.

Legend and Wrestle1 leader The Great Muta is not only not from the city that never sleeps, he had somehow not wrestled there until he beat Robbie E to continue the New Jersey boys bad night.  Muta's night got a lot worse when it was revealed that all of James Storm's whispering in Sanada's ear had turned the youngster against his mentor.  Some of the master's signature mist and a moonsault later, and the student had betrayed his teacher.

Austin Aries made a decision he has made before - heck, he invented it - when he turned his newly won X-Division title over to Kurt Angle in exchange for a shot at Lashley's belt.  In addition to regaining the World Championship, A-Double is looking forward to screwing over Montell Vontavious Porter for how he was treated under MVP's rule.

Bully Ray's obsession with putting Dixie Carter through a table seemed one step closer to reality as he, Devon and Tommy Dreamer were about to win their street fight against Ethan Carter III, Spud and Rhino - even putting the hired master of the Gore through some wood.  But Dixie had a few more tricks up her sleeve in the form of Bellator mixed martial artist King Mo and former WWE hosses Snitsky and Ezekial Jackson.  The latter two men helped EC3 deliver a 1% to Dreamer to win the match, and the evil faction stood tall to end the show.


More from Manhattan, where the crowds are hot and the former Ring of Honor (ROH) stars flow like water.  This show was taped a while back, so while we'll try to keep this spoiler-free, they're out there.  In fact, they're right here.

If it's Destination X time (and it is), then Austin Aries must be angling for a title match. Unlike last year, he has it this time, and his bout with Lashley will headline the former pay-per-view (PPV) event.

'Option C' isn't the only X-Division themed action on the card, either.  Three big triple threats will determine who enters into a threeway dance to see who follows the Greatest Man that ever Lived as king of the division.  DJ Z goes against Manik and Low Ki in the first qualifier, while Crazzy Steve, Sanada and Brian Cage duke it out in the second.  Finally, Samoa Joe returns to the X-Division, and will face former ROH alum Homicide, plus Tiger Uno!

The Wolves and Hardy dream match will decide who leaves the night as tag champs, as the crowd waits to see how Team 3D and Tommy Dreamer will respond to Dixie's escalation of their war.

We'll just be trying to figure who decided to call Big Zeke 'Ryklon Stephens'...

Expect to pop for:

Matt Hardy has done an impressive job rehabiliating his image and showcasing his mind for pro wrestling characters and psychology while working for ROH, his and Jeff's OMEGA promotion and other independents.  He deserves a chance to show that development on national television - especially the company that he was falling apart and phoning it in with the last time he was cashing the Carter's checks.

It'll be interesting to see how (or if) he works babyface, especially in front of a crowd that helped make him one of the best heels on the scene while he was with ROH.  And even a past-their-prime Team Xtreme against Edwards & Richards is still a dream match.

In a see of turmoil, tonight should have some good wrestling to enjoy.  And Matt Hardy is part of it.  That is both amazing and pop-worthy.

The heat is on:

Ugh.  Just scroll around the Impact section of the site.  The heat is everywhere, and I can't bring myself to rehash it here.

Will Option C result in a new champ again?  Can the Hardys take the tag belts from The Wolves?  What else does Dixie have in store for the Hall of Famers and ECW alumni on her heels?

Find out tonight at 9PM Eastern on Spike TV, and watch along with your fellow Cagesiders in the results post!

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