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Checking in on CM Punk's new career: talking wrestling with Billy Corgan, hamming it up at San Diego Comic-Con

via Alternative Press' YouTube channel

Now that we know he's "never, ever" coming back to WWE, wrestling fans are free to move on from being obsessed with CM Punk and/or start evaluating his new career as a pop culture man about town.

The past week has given us a couple of opportunities to do just that, as the WWE alum hosted the red carpet at the AP Music Awards last Monday, and was a correspondent for Chris Hardwick's at the San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend.

You can check out a bevy of videos that Alternative Press has released of Punk and Juliet Simms interviewing their awards show attendees at this link.  Of particular interest to us is his interview with Vanguard Award winner, Smashing Pumpkins front man and Resistance Pro Wrestling founder Billy Corgan.

In addition to giving us a taste of Punk's ability to use a microphone to get other people to say interesting things (still developing, in my opinion - to dip into wrestling parlance, he still seems more comfortable getting himself over than making others sound good), noted wrestling fan Corgan responds to being asked if there's anything else he wants to talk about by seeing if his fellow Chicagoan wants to talk wrestling.

To which the quick-witted former WWE champ replies:

Do I?  No. No.  But I will because it's you.  You want to talk about Stan Hansen or something like that?

Zipping out to San Diego, the Straight-Edged Superstar joined Jessica Chobot for several of her Nerdist News features.  Punk may have done some other work for his buddy Hardwick while at the Convention, but so far we only have a handful of appearances with Chobot and other correspondents.

This seems more his speed, as he is allowed to do a little schtick in each one before the conversation moves on to someone or something else.  In the first video, he pretends to not know be well versed on the passions that motivate Comic-Con visitors (jump to 2:17 for the Punkster):

He also shows up for a couple "Best and Worst"/Day in Review videos where he recounts weird stuff he saw around the Con.


He's definitely moving on, and he shows some promise in his new career.  We'll see how his rumored jump into the crowded podcast world goes.

No word on if fans chant "AJ Lee" at him while he's trying to do his job.

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