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TNA Impact preview (July 3, 2014): Are we gonna let the elevator bring us down?

Previously on Impact Wrestling

We (more or less) opened with a match, as Montel Vontavious Porter, new World champ Bobby Lashley and Kenny King were celebrating ruling the world with champagne and talk of women - which took us right into Knockouts action.  Taryn Terrell's return match ended in victory for her and Gail Kim, with Kim pinning the queen of the division, Angelina Love, following Eat Defeat.

Dixie Carter is feeling pretty good about herself as she is passed by MVP and crew on their way to the ring.  They look to continue their celebration by gloating in front of former champ Eric Young.  EY was playing a little bit of possum with his arm in a sling, and Bobby Roode was prepared to jump the barricade just like a week ago.  The two allies clear the ring of the rudos, and Roode cut a promo on everything the two long-time TNA employees have in common.

Porter is set to take his suspension of The It Factor to the next level as a response for Roode being in his business, but a representative of TNA's Board of Directors appeared to strip MVP of his Director of Wrestling Operations responsibilities.  Lashley and company are distraught, Roode and Young are excited for the opportunity to take their fight to MVP without blowback and we might have a reason why Dixie is so pleased.

The creditors are closing in on the Knux family carnival, so Crazzy Steve has to earn some fast cash by winning a fourway for the X-Division crown (or something).  Unfortunately, he can't - even DJZ's fluency in strong style can't help get the belt of off Sanada.  But James Storm, fresh off getting his Slammiversary win back from Mr. Anderson, is able to play a few mind games with the X-Division champ...hyping Option C for Destination X and asking what his mentor, The Great Muta, will do if he cashes in and doesn't win the World title.

Not content to have one long segment with authority figures talking, Dixie Carter and Spud were given a moment in the ring to await their ascension to the throne of Wrestling Operations.  But, no!  Earl Sullivan Armstrong (that's the Board's crony's name) said "chill your role".  Carter is not the new Director.

This made Bully Ray very happy, but not as happy as putting Dixie through a table would.  He almost got his chance, too, but Ethan Carter III stopped him.  Her nephew takes a licking, and Aunt D almost goes through the wood anywau, but Spud tips over the table allowing the trio to escape. EC3's bad day wasn't over either, as he was jumped backstage by Tommy Dreamer, and the brawl including Carter being bit on the forehead before officials broke it up.

Monsters Ball included Willow being knocked off the top rope with a chair through a barbed wire board on the floor and Magnus being chokeslammed onto tacks before Bram pinned Abyss following a gut shot with Janice, the Monster's beloved nail-studded two-by-four.  These guys weren't even the ECW veterans on the show, either.

ESA (the Board's crony) announces the new Director - none other than Kurt Angle!  Kurt says that unlike Dixie and MVP, he's not greedy because he's already accomplished everything there is to accomplish in the business.  Porter is beside himself, and threatens to end the Olympic Gold Medalist's reign before it even starts.  But Angle reinstates Bobby Roode and books a rematch for Eric Young and Lashley for next week, and the two faces slide into the ring to stand with the new Director to close the show.


Tonight's show was filmed a little while back in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  We keep spoilers out of the previews, but if you'd like to read them, they're right here.

EY gets his rematch, and much more, as part of Kurt Angle's "Red, White and Blue Throwdown"!

With Roode back on the roster, will Super Eric have an answer to MVP's numbers game - and will it allow him to become a two-time TNA World champion?  And, I know they're getting along and everything, but doesn't Bobby have designs on reclaiming the belt he held for so long himself?

The Carter's war with Bully Ray takes another turn, as Ethan with again face Bully Ray - this time in a tables match!  Plus, the Knockouts title is on the line, as Gail Kim looks to rip if from the Beautiful People's clutches when she faces Angelina Love!

Expect to pop for:

Crazzy Steve. Who had Steve as the breakout star of The Menagerie?  I mean, of course, there's Rebel, but so far she's a valet, not a wrestler.  The dude with too many 'Z's in his name has busted his ass in the ring and gone all in on his character.  It may not be for everyone, but the commitment he displays is similar to what we heap accolades on Cody Rhodes for - it seems a shame to not give Steve some props just because he wrestles on Thursday nights on Spike.

The former Gutcheck contestant looks to be a good addition to what just might be a reborn X-Division.  With a mix of foreign talent, and former indy stars working TNA gimmicks (and some Ring of Honor (ROH) veterans on the way for the upcoming New York shows), the once proud division might just be something that differentiates Impact from the competition again.

Crazzy, right?

The heat is on:

Kenny King. Maybe we could get "The King of the Night" in on some of that X-Division resurgence?

Not only did weeks of vignettes hyping his return not really result in a new or even re-focused character, but now he's the designated jobber for team MVP and new World champ Bobby Lashley.  I've always thought he was a charismatic performer and above average wrestler - going back to his ROH days - but, for whatever reason, he's failed to really click with audiences.

For his sake, I hope time isn't running out.  TNA has a way of cleaning house after a stable has been ousted from power, and unless their contracts are up, I don't see Lashley or Porter losing their jobs.

The talent is reportedly feeling good about the TNA product again...are you?

Pull up the cSs live blog tonight when you tune in, and talk about the show as it happens.  Or get a head start, and comment below!

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