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Fergal Devitt officially signs with WWE, will report to NXT

Here's some good news on what has been a queasy Monday morning for a lot of wrestling fans and industry observers - WWE has officially announced the signing of European star and New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) standout Fergal "Prince" Devitt.

While he didn't get the Hulk Hogan treatment afforded to fellow recent international signing Kenta, the Irishman will follow his new Japanese co-worker to Florida and report to WWE Developmental and NXT.

The announcement was made on this morning.

The article quotes Devitt as saying:

This is something I've been looking forward to since I was maybe four or five years old. I grew up watching wrestling my whole life, so to get the chance to step in the ring that I've watched on TV so many times is a dream come true.

Mirroring the Kenta aquisition in more ways than just their landing spot, the company and the man are playing up his experience while also emphasizing that he will be starting at square one for the largest pro wrestling concern in the world:

I don't consider myself anywhere close to the finished product, so I'm looking forward to this challenge and learning a new style.

It also looks like he's avoiding the dreaded WWE name generator, as the article freely refers to him as both Fergal Devitt and acknowledges his "Prince" moniker.  They also reference his light-up jacket, and its similarity to Chris Jericho's, and signature comic book-inspired body paints.  Will those stick along with the name?

I've always got a couple of tricks up my sleeve, so I'm going to come up with something new before then. But yeah, look out for the light-up jacket, look out for the body paint. Look out for a new Devitt.

Excited to "look out for a new Devitt", Cagesiders?

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