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Video: Sting discusses his relationship with WWE backstage at Comic-Con

There's not a lot new in this, but it is a slickly produced exclusive of the Stinger and represents the official word on a lot of the tidbits that have been floating around from before and in the wake of his appearance yesterday at San Diego Comic-Con to promote his first WWE licensed action figure.

The primary take away concerns his standing with the company:

My relationship with WWE is's always been good. You know, the word out there for so many years has been that it hasn't been good, 'Sting'll never go up there'...I don't know where it even came from. But, no, it's good, I've been talking with Triple H, so things are good.'

Which sounds well and good but still doesn't answer anything concertely.

Beyond that we get a lot of the different versions of the things we've heard before, he has always spoken with Vince McMahon through the years, but his contract with Time Warner kept him from coming when WCW was bought out and the circumstances haven't been right since, but Vince always said that someday they would do business together.

On the dream match against The Undertaker:

Do I regret that the Streak ended with 'Taker? Absolutely. Yeah, I wanted that Streak to stay alive and to be able to face him and to find out. I really want to know.

Which still sounds like build to me.

Everyone involved is clearly going to milk this for all it's worth, including the wrestling media. For WWE and Sting, it's a smart play. They build anticipation among the older fans who have wanted this for years while educating newer fans who either don't know who he is or who saw him in his TNA phase.

Whatever camp you're in, prepare for more hype like this to trickle out while we wait for a big announcement.