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Buff Bagwell's Cageside Evaluation

What you loved:

  1. Charisma - He jumped off the TV, awesome taunt and all.
  2. Look - He was Buff. And the stuff.
  3. WCW Run - An nWo lackey? Sure, but he got over. WCW squandered it away, but you know.
  4. Canadian Destroyer - He pulled it off in 2014!
  5. Blockbuster - One of his best moves (might be the worst gif I've ever used).

Best comment comes via Klemson Krash:

"One of the genuinely nicest wrestlers I have EVER met. Had the privilege of seeing him a few times and each time, he was so accommodating to the fans. Also, he entertained me in the ring. He wasn’t the best wrestler or talker or any real measurable and he should really be the epitome of a 3… but the nice factor outweighs the Judy factor and I bumped him up."


What you loathed:

  1. Judy Bagwell - Because of the "on a pole" match and that she called WWE to say Buff was too hurt to wrestle.
  2. WWE Run - Signed on July 1, gone by July 9. Put on a terrible match with Booker T in his first appearance. Had some backstage problems that led to his quick exit.
  3. Gigalo - This is a reason to loathe someone?
  4. In-Ring - Not known for putting on classic matches, although this does make me wonder; which match would be considered his best?
  5. American Males Theme - Here you go.

Best comment comes via Dr. Handsome, D.D.S.:

"His WWE… run? More like his WWE stumble and fall."

On to the poll! With 243 votes, Buff Bagwell's average score 2.6.

Thanks, Cagesdiers! Tomorrow's pick already has a score.

Until then!

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