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Video: Kofi Kingston and Big E's first match with manager Xavier Woods from WWE Main Event (July 22, 204)

Last night on WWE Network, Main Event gave us our first glimpse of the new team of Kofi Kingston and Big E since aligning themselves with Xavier Woods.

While we weren't treated to any promos or verbal character development, there are a few things we learned:

  • They seem to be heels. For folks who haven't been watching the C-level shows like Main Event, their opponents Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil have subtly turned into a crowd-pleasing comedy duo that the former 3MB frontman calls Slater Gator.
  • Woods shows promise as an evil manager-type. His mannerisms add to the match, and he directs his charges to inflict punishment a la the Ravishing Russian, Lana.
  • Kingston and E look motivated by being given a direction. The NXT alum has always worked better as a heel for me, and the stacking of both opponents for the pin count isn't quite the five count, but it helps. Kofi actually busts out some new moves, including the top rope stomp which serves as a tandem maneuver from the pair.

There are miles to go before we can pronounce judgement on the new group; we don't even know if it's a stable or just a managed tag team yet, let alone if it will be an overtly racial angle or just a collection of disgruntled guys who happen to be African-American.

But this is a good start, and, hey! - Main Event was full of story progression last night. We also got confirmation that the Rusev vs. Swagger feud was not being blown off, as Jack and Zeb got a measure of revenge with a disqualification win, as the next stipulation was set up with their flag waving showdown.

What'd you all make of Main Event? Excited for more of the XKE team?