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TNA's Bobby Lashley and MVP comment on new WWE stable of Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston

Last night on Raw, the recently formed tag team of Kofi Kingston and Big E had just suffered a loss to Rybaxel.  The pair were visibly frustrated.  Presumably, the frustration was from losing that match.  But a cleaned up and bespectacled Xavier Woods hit the ring and played to the pairs' anger about the opportunities they've received from WWE, or lack thereof, and it looks like we have a new faction on our hands.

There's a lot more to be revealed about the group which, for now, is a trio (although speculation is already running wild about who else might get added to the stable).  Who else will join?  With whom will they feud?  Are they faces or heels?

While we wait for tonight's Smackdown to officially learn more, the obvious comparison many fans are making is to The Nation of Domination from The Attitude Era.  But TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley, who won his belt in part because of an alliance with fellow African-American performers MVP and Kenny King, made another:

MVP tweeted back his good-natured agreement.

There's probably not much new under the sun, and less than that in pro wrestling, so there's undoubtedly a few influences to the new WWE group.  Woods' suit seems inspired by Brother Love, for instance.  They'll hopefully develop as they go along, and share characteristics other than "we check the same race box on the census!"

But with rumors already on the dirt screens that the pairing of Layla and Summer Rae that we've been getting for the past two weeks was motivated by TNA's Beautiful People team of Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, who's to say that WWE Creative might not be cribbing an idea or two from the other nationally televised promotion?  In case something got hot, they'd be able to say they had their own version already.

If nothing else, after years of LOLTNA jokes, I'm sure it feels good for Lashley and MVP to make a few jokes at the industry leaders expense.

What do you think about the new trio we got from Raw last night, or Lashley's claim that his group was the blueprint?

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