How To Be An IWC-Friendly Face In WWE

Lose. Be mid-card. Be made by us, not by them.

In a year's time, we are going to have a Roman Reigns problem. Numerous wrestling Twitter accounts last night asked the money question - who wants to see Reigns feud for the title?

Despite being a new face in the title scene, despite being in numerous match-of-the-year contenders, the majority of replies said they want Reigns nowhere near the belt. You can almost see the "REIGNSKICKSOUTAT2" memes.

Maybe we can assume Triple H has a lot of friends called Mark, since one way or another, it has to be somewhat refreshing for another new face being near the biggest prize in the company so soon after Daniel Bryan. It seems, however, that those of us on the internet aren't as welcoming as the live crowds seem to be.

I was on Twitter and Tumblr when Heath Slater eliminated Cesaro on Sunday night at Battleground, and when Zack Ryder won a match on Raw last night. What they received online were face reactions. They're not winning a belt any time soon, never mind the belt.

Some of the largest pops of the night come from the likes of Cesaro and Ziggler, superstars it's almost unanimously agreed upon deserve to be in the upper tiers of the card, who work their hardest in every match, but never quite get the chance to headline shows.

Daniel Bryan wasn't meant to succeed, but he had to in the end because live shows were becoming increasingly disruptive. It had been happening for a while, but you have to imagine the show that WWE realised it had a Daniel Bryan problem was the go-home show for TLC 2013. The entire Cena vs. Orton hype was hijacked by a hometown crowd that was bored of the same old feud, and echoed a lot of Internet Wrestling Community frustration. Daniel Bryan was made by the fans, despite coming close to running out of steam on a few occasions - he's a face we cheer because we got him there.

So perhaps in the reality era, the worst way to get a face over is by having him be so dominant. The fans connect with the underdogs, the guys who lose, the guys who do all the work and receive no credit, and the guys we helped. The ones you tell us to like? Either we don't like being told, or we're so damn cynical we think we can see a John Cena 2.0 coming a mile away.

In a year's time, it could be "Let's go Roman / Roman sucks!"

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