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Coulda Been Betta: Incarcerate the boss

Steph/Brie was a great angle on last night's RAW, but not without a few head scratching seconds. Let's discuss them briefly as we celebrate the concept.

Good show last night, no surprise being the third biggest RAW of the year along with the night after Royal Rumble and the night after Wrestlemania.

Reigns continues to be super-over but is nowhere near a main event worker as of yet. It may not matter. I do expect he'll be much better as he develops working with talented singles guys like Randy Orton.

Nice to see Paige make the turn (avoiding puns) but it has to be better than "this is my house," because unfortunately because she does look like a fluke because of how she was booked. As a result, it's absolutely NOT her house as of yet. Hopefully it will become her domicile at some point.

Only Paul Heyman could come out and simply talk as the big reveal for Cena's SummerSlam opponent and be utterly captivating, but the guy is so good...just so so good. "Malpracticing Doctor of Thuganomics" is an instant classic.

But the angle that got the most buzz was Stephanie and Brie's setup for the upcoming expected match at SummerSlam. It was very good, but I had a few minor issues with it and the nitpicking is what this piece does best most weeks.

I had two major issues with the execution of the angle. I did wish Brie showed more fight when she was being "restrained" because it didn't look good, but that's not the big problem. The arrest made sense and was well-done and Stephanie was just fantastic. She's the best heel in WWE. But the moment we see Brie Bella standing on the company side of the barricade, she should have been arrested for trespassing. Maybe Triple H will pull that card next week on TV in retaliation, but let's remember Brie isn't a current WWE employee and had no right to hop over for any reason.

She should have simply been in her seat, exactly where she was or somewhere on the fan side. It's likely she'd leave after the altercation, so simply back down at ringside but still with the marks or next to the ramp. The officers bring Stephanie by her position and the two engage in the same kind of verbal jousting we saw last night. Nothing much changes, but Brie isn't in a spot where a "fan" is prohibited.

The second problem was on the post show. We saw Stephanie slap Brie Bella. We find out she was charged with aggravated assault. Okay, that's straining things a bit but it's wrestling and it played well. But when Booker T was asked thrice about that charge and he continued to reiterate it carries a sentence of "two to ten," that's where it went too far.

The arrest was an irritant. It was Brie getting back at Stephanie and in essence, Daniel Bryan getting even with the Authority. It should be treated as such and not like a serious crime, especially not in the post show. If we were all morons, that might work, but we're not, so they shouldn't attempt to sell it that way. They didn't need to sell it that way. It was great on its face.

I told you it was nitpicking. It was a very fun angle and it was well done. To make me care about a Bella match deserves an award in itself. I remain hopeful that Daniel Bryan channels 2001 Jim Ross and somehow hits Stephanie with a candy jar to help his wife win the match. Maybe it would have to be Nikki, #BecauseMale. If she turns, I'm not sure I care for a Bella feud though.

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