Jon Stewart lampoons WWE, Rusev and Lana's Battleground promo on The Daily Show

Yesterday, WWE apologized for Lana’s controversial promo at Battleground, which alluded to "world events" just days after Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down in eastern Ukraine by a missile. The promo drew attention and revile from major news sources, forcing WWE to issue their statement.

However, it was just a little too late to avoid being lampooned on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

When talking about the overseas crisis, Stewart mockingly stated that Russia was to blame. A quick cut to snippets of Lana’s promo followed, which incensed Stewart enough to go on a mark-like rant on Lana and Rusev.

(The segment is on The Comedy Central website here; cut to 3:51 to see this unfold in all its glory.)

This isn’t the first time that The Daily Show has talked wrestling. Stewart pontificated against the end of the Undertaker’s Streak prior to the traditional show-ending "Moment of Zen" just a few months ago, and fill-in host John Oliver aligned himself with Mick Foley last year to debate Zeb Colter’s in-character anti-immigration remarks.

Wrestling rarely gets mainstream news coverage these days unless someone dies or an angle gets exceptionally distasteful from a political perspective. However, it’s nice to know that not only are these guys fans, but they can take even the most controversial element of the business and make us laugh. Just like they do with the scariest of world events.

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