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WWE Main Event results, live blog (July 22, 2014): Battleground fallout, Sheamus vs. Rusev

WWE Main Event comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Tues., July 22, 2014) from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida, and we'll have complete results and a live blog for the show right when it kicks off at 8 p.m. ET on the WWE Network.

Tonight's show will feature Sheamus vs. Rusev in a non-title match.

Be sure to come back here at 8 p.m. ET for the Main Event live blog.



- I'm late getting in here and Titus O'Neil & Heath Slater are teamed up taking on Kofi Kingston & Big E with Xavier Woods still in his white suit on the outside acting as a manager. The babyfaces were impressive in victory, with Big E coming in on a hot tag and absolutely dominating. Kofi came in to help and they got the pinfall victory. Perhaps they're simply using Xavier as a manager to a Big E & Kofi tag team?

- They ran a video package showing Rusev's victory over Jack Swagger at Battleground.

- Renee Young welcomed Zeb Colter and "the big hoss", Swagger. She said they were going to have a rematch tonight, so WWE made a late change. Colter said Lana and Rusev have their history messed up and the only thing Russia invented worth anything is vodka and from the looks of it, they've been on the sauce. He kept calling Rusev "Boris" and then told Renee Young to look for the rematch to see who will be waving their flag at the end of the show.

- Titus and Slater were interviewed by Renee backstage after their loss. Titus said he knew they would lose and that's why he's a one-man team. He called Slater bad luck and an albatross hanging around his neck. "You country bumpkin, albatross means dead weight in your language. Keep him away from me." O'Neil left and Heath said Titus didn't mean any of it, he was just frustrated. The people love him because they were chanting "Slater Gator". Then he bailed off while Young looked on confused.

- Rusev vs. Jack Swagger in the main event was next. Lana was given a mic and time to talk before the match. She said the white flag is a symbol of surrender in this country and the truth is America surrendered long ago. "You're a mere shell of what used to be. To prove my point, today in New York City, your men planted a flag of surrender on top of a bridge. Tonight, Jack Swagger will surrender to Rusev." Then she dedicated their victory to Vladimir Putin and put him on the screen again. That brought out Swagger to get the match underway. Rusev, by the way, was still selling the ankle. The match was fine for what it was, basically the same match we got two nights ago. The finish was Swagger getting the Patriot Act on the outside and Rusev using the flag to hit Jack to get out of it. That caused a disqualification. What's interesting is they were pushing Rusev as undefeated here and they he loses by DQ.