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Kenta is coming to WWE to 'KICK YOUR ASS'

WWE's internet-based rollout of their newest signee continued with a video released on YouTube by the company over the weekend. In it, Renee Young briefly interviews Kenta on the NXT set, with an occasional interpretive assist from Funaki.

The presence of Smackdown's former #1 announcer is interesting, because he only translates a couple of Young's questions and none of his countryman's answers. You can see Kenta paying attention to Renee as she talks, and his body language indicates that he follows, so Funaki is mostly there as a safety net. The handling of the language barrier bears watching, but there's nothing here to be alarmed about.

Lots of positives here, to be sure. The dreaded WWE name change looks like it starts and ends with their not capitalizing his entire name. It's very early, but the initial character being presented is confident yet respectful, good looking bad ass.

In other words, KENTA.

What do you make of this interview, Cagesiders, and WWE's slow but steady promotion of the Japanese star?

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