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WWE Battleground 2014 match card preview: John Cena vs. Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton vs. Kane


The match:

John Cena defends his WWE world heavyweight championship title in a Fatal 4-Way against Roman Reigns, Kane, and Randy Orton.

The players:

John Cena: The WWE world heavyweight champion, he won the title at Money in the Bank after letting everyone else do all the heavy lifting. Because he's John Cena, that makes him a wily veteran as opposed to a snake in the grass.

Roman Reigns: The heir apparent to the WWE throne, it's no longer a question of if he will be crowned the new king but when.

Randy Orton: Authority lackey number one. Although once a psychotic head punter, he's been ravaged by insecurity and his quest to prove himself to his masters to earn their reward is ongoing.

Kane: Authority lackey number two. He was corporate, then Stephanie McMahon yelled at him, now he's THE DEMON. He does, however, take orders like a good little demon.

The feud:

There's a lot going on here.

John Cena is the champion who is HERE and ready to take on all challengers. Because he's not under the control of The Authority, and they don't like that, a scenario was concocted to place him in an unfavorable position, defending his title against three men in a match that dictates he can lose said title without ever being pinned or submitted.

Orton and Kane, of course, are natural inclusions. As stated, they are lackeys who seek to please those above them while enjoying the spoils that come with it.

Adding Reigns was a baffling move until it became clear that it was more about Triple H creating infighting by pitting two good guys against the middle. Sure, John is a stand up dude and so is Roman but as Hulk Hogan once said, you can either make a lot of friends or be really successful.

Now, Cena has to watch both his back and his front while Reigns is a juggernaut breaking down walls on his way to the top. Orton and Kane are clearly outmatched but nothing if not advantageous.

What to expect:

WWE knows that you know there is a plan for Cena to work with Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. That does not necessarily mean it will be for the WWE world heavyweight title. So we could get a swerve tonight.

Roman Reigns to look strong in defeat.

Randy Orton to look insecure.

Kane to look red.


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