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WWE Battleground 2014 match card preview: The Usos vs. The Wyatt Family

2 out of 3 falls for the Tag Team Championship

The Wyatt Family vs. The Usos (c)

Despite a clean victory over Bray Wyatt's acolytes at Money in the Bank, a controversial loss on Raw has lead to another chance to for Luke Harper and Erick Rowan to claim The Usos tag team belts.  Two teams with a long history against one another will need not one win, but two, in order to claim victory this Sunday night in Florida.

The Road to Battleground

Jimmy and Jey are coming up on six months as Tag Champs, and their business has been intertwined with The Wyatts' that entire time.  Even before the two teams were squaring off directly, the twins were serving as back-up for John Cena when he needed assistance to even the numbers game that the Family provided Bray Wyatt during his long feud with Cena.

Leading up their last dance for the belts at the second pay-per-view (PPV) of June, Harper and Rowan seemed to the champs number.  The Family won both non-title tag matches between the two teams.  The record for singles matches wasn't as lopsided, but it was indecisive.  Each of the four men claimed a victory over a counterpart on the other squad heading into Money in the Bank.

In Boston, The Usos surprised many fans when they retained their belts.  It was thought that the night could be a coronation, not only for Luke and Erick, but for the patriarch as well in his shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship ladder match.  In the end, none of the backwoods cult would leave with gold, so it was back to the swamp - and the drawing board - for The Family.

With a quick turnaround to the next PPV, there wasn't much time to waste.  And Harper and Rowan didn't claiming a victory over the champs on the July 7th edition of Raw.  Controversy swirled around that decision, however, with the twins claiming that Uso who was pinned was not the legal man.

The teams haven't had a chance to settle their differences in the ring since, but that didn't stop The Wyatts from getting their hands dirty and trying to gain a psychological upperhand over The Usos last Monday night.

Will two-out-of-three falls be sufficient to keep things on the straight and narrow, avoiding any controversy?  And will it be the stipulation that can finally bring this months old rivalry to at least a temporary conclusion?

What's at Stake?

The belts, obviously.  While the tag team division is still not a priority for WWE Creative, chasing and wearing the straps have elevated the profile of many teams over the last couple of years, and Jimmy and Jey are no exception.  As we've seen with The Rhodes Brothers, even a hot team can get lost when they're no longer in the title scene.

Harper and Rowan want a piece of that action for themselves.  A title run would put them front and center when teams are discussed, and would give them gold before their more heralded leader, Bray Wyatt.

It will be interesting to see what kind of time is allotted to this one.  The stipulation would lead us to believe they'll get plenty of time, but with seven matches on the main card and a tendency of late to book PPVs like a show on the USA Network, with last minute squashes or comedy matches plus backstage segments, this could be rushed and feel lesser for it.

Will we still be saying 'Oh' when they say 'Uus', or following the buzzards?  Find out with your fellow Cagesiders right here with our coverage of Battleground!

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