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WWE Battleground 2014 match card preview: Naomi vs. Cameron

Pre-Show match: Funkadactyls Explode!

Cameron vs. Naomi

Everything was so much simpler when it was all about funky dancing.  But then came Total Divas fame.  Brodus Clay got released.  And now Cameron has gotten too full of herself, and jealousy has split the Funkadactyls apart.  Sunday in Tampa, they'll finally go one-on-one in a sanctioned match on the Battleground Kickoff.

At least it's actually free again.

The Road to Battleground

While the roots of it are probably deeper, the divide between the former partners became especially evident when Naomi earned a title shot against Paige at Money in the Bank.  Cameron had positioned herself for a matach against the then Divas champ with a show of ruthless aggression on the WWE App.  She was outclassed in that match, and further humiliated when Naomi would defeat the Anti-Diva soon after in a non-title match.

The woman known to E! Network watchers as Trinity grew increasingly frustrated with her friend's less than honorable actions, even watching as Paige beat Cameron down following a post-match sneak attack.  While Naomi's first pay-per-view (PPV) shot at the butterfly belt didn't result in her becoming Divas champ, she did earn respect.  Now she just wants to earn her way back to another opportunity.

First, she'll have to deal with her increasing brash former best friend, though.  Cameron claims to want - even deserve - a championship , but her actions have shown her to be more interested in showing up Naomi than winning matches.

Can Cameron possibly have the upper hand on a Diva focused on wrestling above all else?  Or will her drive to prove herself better than Naomi at all costs be just the thing to put her over the top when she has nothing to focus on besides Mrs. Fatu?

What's at Stake?

The babyface seems to be getting a bit of a push, and fans have raved about her potential as a worker for years.  A shot to impress on a Sunday night is never to be overlooked, but there's probably more riding on this match for Cameron.  If she can continue to generate heat for her character and show a little something in the workrate department, it could be a real boost for her career.

Their match will also mark the return of the PPV pre-show to true "free" status, as it will be broadcast on, the WWE App, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Pheed in addition to the WWE Network.

Will two Total Divas be the thing to drive fans to purchase last minute Network subscriptions in order to see the whole show?

Now, once again, you can watch the pre-show with your fellow Cagesiders right here, and see how these women do with a chance to open the night!

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