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WWE Battleground 2014 match card preview: Rusev vs. Jack Swagger

'Murica vs. Mother Russia

Jack Swagger vs. Rusev

Tale of the Tape

Jack Swagger

Hails from: Jim Ross' dreams, OOOOOOOOOOOOOHKLAHOMA where the wind goes sweepin down the plains

Notable Accomplishments: Many a career's derailed by his hand and yet is now the hero America needs

Zeb Colter

Hails from: The union of the Statue of Liberty and a bald eagle

Notable Accomplishments: One of Puerto Rico's biggest heels, did Cesaro better then Heyman, helped get Swagger over


Hails from: Россия через Болгарию

Notable Accomplishments: Герой Российской Федерации


Hails from: Молодежь Путина

Notable Accomplishments: лучший русский менеджер с Людмила Драго

What's at Stake?

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Rusev and Lana want to dismantle the American Dream and the only ones standing in there way is Swagger, Colter, and the support of 'We the People'!

Will America win out like in the Cold War or will the Russian assault score another victory for Putin?  Find out here at Cageside Seats

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