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Jim Ross talks Roman Reigns, working with TNA, partnering with CM Punk and more


Good old JR sure knows how to stay in the pro wrestling conversation, even without a gig with a pro wrestling promotion.  That's the mark of a true showman, I suppose.

On the heels of his hot topic, two parter with Kurt Angle on his own The Ross Report, the WWE Hall of Famer had a long conversation with Brian Fritz on his Between the Ropes podcast.  Among the topics covered were a self-evaluation of Ross' show and how he likes working on it, thoughts on the future of WWE and how they should handle Roman Reigns, mixed martial arts, his book projects and more.

It's an entertaining hour, because even we've heard JR talk about the importance of long-term booking before, there are always new insights from a guy with the breadth of experience and mind for the business that Ross has.

Here are some highlights:

On how he'd book Roman Reigns:

Roman Reigns is going to be WWE World Champion.  That mystery should be laid to rest - that's why he's being featured.

If I was booking it, he would become the champion at WrestleMania...therefore he would win the Royal Rumble and then he would challenge Brock Lesnar, who I would have as champion at WrestleMania 31.

On the topic of if he would work with TNA (raised by a fan on Twitter, to which Ross responded "Never Say Never"):

Well, it's kind of far-fetched it the sense that A) those discussions aren't happening. I don't have any desire to get back into the weekly grind of pro wrestling. Or the weekly grind of anything other than this podcast is weekly. I could do it from home if I wanted to. But I enjoy doing it at the radio station and I enjoy having a destination, to go to work, prepare. I enjoy it. I think when you're an independent contract as I am, and you're a freelance talent as I am, by in-large, you don't want to say "I'm never doing that" because someone can come along and make you an offer that is really better than you dreamer you would ever get. It's not likely at all. I'm not looking at that direction but I don't think it's very smart to say I'll never do that.

It would take an extraordinary deal because I don't know why I would be excited about replacing one of two guys that I like. You don't get that many friends in the wrestling business that stick with you through thick and thin. You get a lot fewer calls when you can't help somebody or can't do something for them. And I don't know if I would feel comfortable about of upsetting the team of Mike (Tenay) and Taz. As I sit here, I don't feel right about that.

On his idea of working a broadcast booth with CM Punk:

I did my podcast this week and said you know, crazy idea what if CM Punk and I joined forces and made a broadcast team and did an internet pay-per-view for a New Japan show. Something completely off the tracks. And not do it in a studio but go to Tokyo or go wherever the event was held. Be there as the English speaking crew. We might be the version of the Spanish announce table. And I just threw that out there and know I've got all kinds of people "oh, when are you and CM Punk. when did you talk to Phil". Well, I haven't talked to Phil. I made it clear on the podcast this is fantasy booking. I said this will get people talking. Well, here's a good one for you. This will get people talking. Watch how this works. And then I laid it out: New Japan is doing these pay-per-views and they want to air them in the States. They're inexpensive and all this good stuff. CM Punk is going to be available to do some stuff one of these days. And I'd love to work with him as the analyst of a pro wrestling match or a MMA fight.

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