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NXT stars develop their public relations skills at Be A STAR rally in Orlando

This week in Orlando, WWE provided another opportunity for the up-and-coming Superstars from their developmental program to work on the skills they'll need to succeed in the world of sports entertainment.  It didn't involve mats or rings, but microphones and presentation were key.

Adrian Neville, Charlotte, Sami Zayn and Tyler Breeze got a chance to try out their community service and public relations skills at a Be A STAR anti-bullying rally at the Barnett Recreational Center in front of an audience of young fans.

It may not be a part of the job description that we analyze a whole lot here at Cageside Seats or as part of the ongoing internet wrestling community's discussion of WWE, but it's clearly an important element for the publicly traded WWE.  In addition to that, it is also a chance to connect with fans with a real, positive way that is probably very fulfilling for people who are used to working at a bit more of a distance - and behind the role of the character they play.

PR and charity work has helped propel John Cena to historic levels of success and popularity, and kept Miz employed (kidding...kind of).  Putting their four of the top acts from NXT out in the community in this way is a big opportunity for the men's and women's champs and popular guys Breeze and Zayn.

Thanks to Brian Fritz at Between the Ropes, we can also check out a couple of those performers on the interview circuit during a community appearance.

In his talk with Prince Pretty, we get some news (his injured finger is being evaluated "tomorrow", but he was in the ring as recently as this past weekend) and some insight into his character (the #1 contender planned out details like his Twitter handle even before Creative had approved the character, and designs his wardrobe with help from a "special lady in Europe").

We also get a sense of his confidence, which may be an extension of his character.  But it's hard to tell, because the performer slips into his Mayor of Cutesville persona quite easily (when asked about the time he spends grooming, you can hear his delivery change when he says "some pople make it look easy").

Check it out:

Not quite as exciting in terms of character or news is Fritz's talk with the champ, Adrian Neville.  It's still a good showing for a man who has spoken about dealing with social anxiety and whom even his biggest fans would admit that promos aren't his strong suit.

You can see the benefit of the WWE Performance Center program that he discussing helping him develop every day, though:

A big part of the fun in following NXT is watching the men and women develop their performance in all facets.  It's pretty cool to watch them work on a part of their game that we don't see every Thursday on WWE Network.

How do you think they did, Cagesiders?

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